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NSLP Overview

ATTENTION: We will not report results to the Department of Education or districts if you do not have a teacher's license number. The Nevada Department of Education cannot remove provisions without a teacher's license.

If you do not yet have your teacher's license, please keep your official test results memo for verification. It is your responsibility to give the letter to the Department of Education and district. You can go to the Nevada Teacher Licensure Verification website to find out your teacher licensure number.

The Nevada  School Law Project (NSLP) at the University of Nevada, Reno administers tests that assist teachers in removing 3 specific provisions from their licenses: Nevada School Law (0001), Nevada Constitution (0002), and U.S. Constitution (0003). We provide both General Exam Sessions and Monthly Exam Sessions. All three exams noted above are offered at every testing session.

General Exam Sessions are offered 2 Saturdays a year and typically have fairly high enrollment. Register for a General Exam.

Monthly Exam Sessions are offered 2-3 times per month all year long and have lower enrollment. Register for a Monthly Special Exam

Please note we do not handle substitutions. If you have taken a history class that could possibly stand in for one of the aforementioned exams, please contact the Nevada Department of Education directly. Carson City Office: 775-687-5980 Las Vegas Office: 702-486-6458

We updated the Nevada School Law Handbook for Teachers and a 2016 edition (gray cover) is available at the Reno, Las Vegas, and Elko bookstores. This study guide covers all three exams and new tests correspond to the new study guide. The 2016 (gray cover) handbook directly correlates to the new tests.  We highly recommend that you purchase a new one as it has updated information. If you choose to study from the old 2013 edition (hot pink cover), you do so at your own risk.

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