General Exam Sessions


Dear Licensee,

  Senate Bill 20, as passed by the 79th Session of the Nevada Legislature is currently awaiting the signature of Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval.  Due to the legislative change, Nevada Educator License holders are no longer required to demonstrate knowledge of Nevada School Law, the Nevada Constitution, or the U.S. Constitution through testing or coursework to maintain a license.  The new law requires any licensed educator who is employed by a Nevada school district (except substitutes, as they are exempt from the requirement) to complete training in Nevada School Law and the Nevada Constitution as a condition of continued employment.    Existing licensees with outstanding provisions in these areas will have the provisions removed from their licenses automatically and should contact their respective school districts for further instruction.   The full text of Senate Bill 20 is available online at   For specific questions about how this change to the law might affect your license, you may contact the Nevada Department of Education's Office of Educator Licensure using the form at  

Thank you,   Jason E. Dietrich   

Jason E. Dietrich, CCM, CPM | Director | Office of Educator Licensure State of Nevada | Department of Education | Educator Effectiveness and Family Engagement


-- Information Below is Subject to Change in the Near Future --

General Exam Sessions are offered twice a year in Las Vegas and Reno and once a year in Elko. The difference between a General Exam Session and a Monthly Exam Session is the cost. The next General Exam Sessions are scheduled for Saturday, November 2017 in Las Vegas and Reno and Saturday, April 2018 in Elko.

Contact the Department of Education to determine which exams you need to take: Carson City: 775-687-5980 or Las Vegas: 702-486-6458. For more information about Nevada licenses, browse through the Nevada Department of Education's Office of Educator Licensure website. The Nevada School Law Project is not responsible for telling you which exams you need to take.

Study Guides

Study Guides can be found at either of the following bookstores:

  • University of Nevada - ASUN Bookstore
    87 West Stadium Way
    Reno, NV 89557
    (775) 784-6597
  • Rebel Books
    4650 S Maryland Pkwy
    Las Vegas, NV 89119
    (702) 891-0276
  • Great Basic College Bookstore
    1500 College Parkway
    Elko, NV 89801

The Nevada School Law Handbook for Teachers has been updated.  The 2016 edition (gray cover) is available at the Reno, Las Vegas, and Elko bookstores. This study guide covers all three exams and new tests correspond to the new study guide. The 2016 (gray cover) handbook directly correlates to the new tests.  We highly recommend that you purchase a new study guide with the updated information. If you choose to study from the old 2013 edition (hot pink cover), you do so at your own risk.

For additional dates, please refer to the Monthly Exam Session tab on our website.




May 6, 2017

University of Nevada, Reno

Begins: 9:00 am

Doors open at 8:15 am

Doors close at 8:45 am




May 6, 2017

University of Nevada Cooperative Extension

      (new location!)

8050 Paradise Road, Suite 100
Las Vegas, Nevada 89123

Session 1

Begins: 9:30 am

Doors open at 8:00 am

Doors close at 9:15 am

Session 2

Begins: 1:00 pm

Doors open at 12 noon

Doors close at 12:45 pm




April 22, 2017

Elko High School

987 College Avenue,
Junior Building Room J1
Elko, Nevada 89801

Begins: 9:00 AM

Doors open at 8:15 AM

Doors close at 8:45 am


Cost of Examinations

Test results are reported to the Department of Education and districts within 3-4 weeks of the exam date.

  • 1 Exam: $30
  • 2 Exams: $45
  • 3 Exams: $60

There is a $15 fee if you mark in the test booklet.

Register for the General Exam

Religious or Military Exemptions

If you are unable to register for a General Exam Session on a Saturday due to military service or religious reasons, an exception can be made to accommodate you. We can offer General Exam Session pricing for a Monthly Exam Session (which is more expensive) if you provide our office with the appropriate documentation from your religious leader or supervising officer, whichever is applicable.  Please email our office at if you have further questions about religious or military exceptions.

Disability Assistance

If you have a documented disability that requires accommodation(s), please e-mail us at

Please take the time to read the FAQ page. If your question has been been answered, email us at