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Examinations Overview

ATTENTION: If you do not yet have a teacher's license:

We will not report results to the Department of Education or to Districts if you do not have a teacher's license number. The NV Department of Education cannot remove provisions for individuals without a NV teacher's license.

If you do not yet have your teacher's license, please keep your official test results memo for verification. It will be your responsibility to give the letter to the Department of Education and the District of your choice.
Nevada Teacher Licensure Verification

If you need additional copies of your test results, send request & $10 cashier's check or money order (payable to "Board of Regents":

Nevada School Law Project
1664 N Virginia St
MS / 0283
Reno, NV 89557

Please include your full name, address and approximate date of test.

The Nevada  School Law Project at the University of Nevada, Reno provides the testing option for teachers to remove 3 specific provisions from their licenses: Nevada School Law (0001), Nevada Constitution (0002),and the US Constitution (0003). We provide both General Exams and Special Administration sessions.

General Exams are offered 2-3 Saturdays a year and typically have fairly high enrollment. Register for a General Exam

Special Administrations are offered two times each month, have lower enrollment, and do include an additional $75 fee to attend. Register for a Special Exam

We offer all 3 examinations at every testing session. There are a total of 26 (2 General Exam dates & 24 Special Administration dates) testing opportunities each year in Las Vegas, 26 (2 General Exam dates & 24 Special Administration dates) testing opportunities each year in Reno, and 1 testing opportunity each year in Elko County. You are welcome to register for ANY of the exam sessions/ locations.

Please continue checking our website for the exam date in which you are interested. We REQUIRE online registration and payment for all our General Exams (NOT for Special Administration Exams).

If you have a documented disability for which you need accommodations, or for additional information, please contact: Kimberly Cox at or (775) 682-9076 (e-mail is the fastest way to retrieve a response).

Our Special Administrations are additional testing sessions provided twice a month, every month. We offer all three examinations at every testing session. The Special Examination section provides dates, registration instructions and more information.

Anyone needing to meet NV School Law, NV constitution, or US Constitution provisions is welcome to attend a Special Administration session.

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