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A student in the electric drives lab

The advising period for Fall 2015 is Monday March 23 - Monday April 6.

Advising Forms

All students should download and fill out the advising form prior to your appointment with your advisor.

Please bring the completed form with you.

You will need to bring a copy of your most recent Academic Advising Report which can be found on MyNevada.

You will need to contact your advisor directly via email to set an appointment. It is important that you seek advisement during this time period to assure that you are registering for the correct classes.

Who's my advisor?

Are you a freshman, sophomore with less than 60 credit hours or incoming transfer student?

You are advised by the Engineering Advising Center in SFB 101.

Are you a junior or senior with at least 60 credit hours?

  • If you have already been advised by a department faculty member, please continue to see that advisor (Dr. Henson is not longer advising. Please refer to the list below if Dr. Henson was your advisor.)
  • If you are engineering physics major, your advisor will be Dr. Banmali Rawat (
  • If you are pursuing the biomedical emphasis in the electrical engineering degree program, your advisor will be Dr. Xiaoshan Zhu (
  • If you are pursuing the renewable energy emphasis in the electrical engineering degree program, your advisor will be Dr. Hanif Livani (

All other electrical engineering students who have not been previously advised by the department: Contact the advisor who corresponds to the first letter of your last name.

Last name: A-F

Banmali Rawat
(775) 784-1457
SEM 330

Last Name:G-L

Hanif Livani
(775) 784-6013
SEM 329

Last name: M-R

Xiaoshan Zhu
(775) 682-6298
SEM 324

Last name: S-Z

Yantao Shen
(775) 784-6918
SEM 327

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