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DRC Peer Mentor Project

DRC Peer Mentor Project

The DRC Peer Mentor Project matches incoming students with disabilities (mentees) and upperclassmen and graduate students with disabilities (mentors). Mentors use their knowledge of campus life and resources, as well as their personal experiences to provide invaluable advice and guidance to mentees.
The goal of the DRC Peer Mentor Project is to build connections between new and more experienced students with disabilities to promote academic success and personal growth.


  • Develop leadership and communication skills
  • Gain patience, insight and understanding
  • Gain experience for future careers
  • Form new and rewarding interpersonal relationships
  • Foster academic success


  • Develop self-advocacy and autonomy
  • Learn academic skills such as time management and organization
  • Learn how to make the most of campus resources
  • Gain new self-awareness of how their disability impacts their learning
  • Learn how to navigate the college environment

To learn more about the DRC Peer Mentor Project or request an application, send a request to the DRC Mentor Project.

DRC Peer Mentor Project Applications

Please contact our office for instructions on how to submit your application.

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