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Assistive Technology Computer Lab

The DRC Assistive Technology Computer Lab is located in the Thompson Building, Suite 100. Please note that the DRC computer lab is open to DRC students and to be used for educational purposes only.

Assistive Technology Software

  • Adobe Acrobat Professional: Industry standard document reader and creator
  • Dragon Dictate: Voice activated computer software for use on Macintosh computers
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking: Voice activated computer software for use on PC computers
  • Ghost Reader: Ghost Reader is a Macintosh based text to speech software
  • Inspiration: Mind mapping software
  • JAWS: Screen reading software
  • Mathtype and WebEQ: Advanced equation editing software with MathML component for producing accessible mathematics for web publishing
  • TextAloud: TextAloud is a Windows based text to speech software and includes AT&T Natural Voices.

Assistive Technology Hardware

  • Alpha Pro: Portable word processors for note-taking
  • CCTV: A video magnifying machine to enlarge print
  • Frog Pad: One handed keyboard for single hand access to a full keyboard. Both left and right handed versions available
  • HeadMouse: Hands free optical mouse
  • Pictures in a Flash: Provides tactile representation of graphic material
  • Reading Pen: Portable scanner with word pronunciation and definition

DRC Assistive Technology printed brochures are available in the DRC Office.

Demonstration videos of our most popular assistive technology

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