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Alternative Media Request Form for Textbooks Only

The Alternative Media Program

This program provides eligible students textbooks, media, and classroom materials in an alternative, accessible format. It is essential that students meet with their DRC counselor and complete the appropriate Alternative Media Request form(s) well in advance of the first day of classes to ensure timely delivery of materials.

All materials provided by the DRC are for the student's personal educational use.  These materials may only be used for as long as the student retains a purchased or rented copy of their course materials.

Alternative Media Policy for Requesting Textbooks

Students are required to fill out their Alternative Media Request forms electronically each semester (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer), noting every class in which Alternative Media services are requested.  It may take 4-6 weeks for students to receive Alternative Media after they submit their request or the beginning of the specified semester-whichever is later.  As such, the DRC recommends that students submit their requests as soon as they enroll in their classes.

The DRC's policy is to process only course materials that are marked as "required" for the class.  Students are responsible for notifying the DRC Alternative Media Program to request specific course materials that may be marked as "recommended" or "optional."  Additionally, students requesting Course Reserves, WebCampus, or other materials are required to submit the Non-Textbook Material Request Form.

Proof of Purchase

In order to receive materials in an alternative format, students must first provide proof of purchase for all requested materials.  Students provide proof of purchase by submitting receipts or rental agreements for course materials electronically or in person.  Without proof of purchase, further processing of these course materials will be placed on hold.


Students are required to provide the DRC Alternative Media Program with their class syllabi containing course and textbook information within the first two weeks of the semester, either electronically or in person.  If the syllabus does not contain a course outline with reading due dates, students are responsible for informing the Alternative Media Program of any upcoming reading due dates as soon as possible.  All course materials will be processed on a chapter-by-chapter basis and will be delivered at least one week prior to syllabus due dates.  Additionally, if the student becomes aware of any changes to the syllabus, they are responsible to inform the DRC Alternative Media Program of these changes.  If students do not provide reading due dates, the Alternative Media Program will process and deliver chapters as they are completed, usually in the order presented in the textbook.

Student-Owned Course Materials

To expedite the alternative media process, students may choose to submit their own course materials (textbooks, handouts, etc.) for alternative media processing.  Additionally, if the DRC is unable to obtain a version of the requested course materials by other means, students may be asked to submit their own course materials. These materials will be unbound and scanned. The original copy of the materials will be rebound and returned within three business days of submission.  Please note that the altered condition of the returned course material may affect its resale value.

Alternative Media Delivery

The DRC will deliver all requested course materials via online download. Students will receive notification of new material availability through email.  Due to issues with third-party email platforms, the DRC cannot guarantee delivery of alternative media emails to any email address other than a Nevada student email address (  For this reason, students are required to activate and use their UNR student emails

Students who wish to receive materials by other methods (CD, flash drive, Braille, etc.) should contact the Alternative Media Program directly.  The Alternative Media Program will notify students by email when these materials are available for pick-up.

Materials will be available for 14 calendar days. If students do not regularly access materials during this period, the Alternative Media Program will place subsequent materials on hold.  Processing of new materials will only resume after the student contacts their DRC counselor.

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