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Alternative Media Request Form for Textbooks Only

Alternative Media Policy for requesting textbooks

Students are required to fill out their Alternative Media Request forms electronically each semester, noting each class in which Alternative Media services are requested. A good time to do this is shortly after class registration. Please note that any Alternative Media Request submitted after the start of the semester may result in a delay for receiving materials required for a class.

Please note that the  DRC’s policy is to process course materials that are marked as "required" on the ASUN Bookstore list. Students are responsible for notifying the DRC Alternative Media office for specifically requesting course materials that may be marked as "recommended" or "optional" on the ASUN Bookstore list. Students are further responsible for requesting any course E-reserves, WebCampus, or other materials for these to be provided in an alternative format.


In order to process materials in a timely manner, students MUST provide their class syllabi and/or reading timelines within the first two weeks of the semester to the DRC Alternative Media office either in person or electronically; failure to provide syllabi within this timeline may result in course materials being put on hold. All course materials will be processed on a chapter to chapter basis, and will be delivered at least one week prior to syllabus due dates. When possible, course materials will be delivered in their entirety.

Proof of purchase:

Students are required to provide their own textbooks for their courses. In order to receive requested materials in an alternative format, students must first provide proof of purchase for all materials within the first two weeks of the semester; failure to provide proof-of-purchase within this timeline may result in course materials being put on hold. Providing proof-of-purchase is accomplished by students submitting the receipts for their course materials, either in person or electronically.

Student course materials:

To expedite the Alternative Media process, students can choose to submit their own course materials for Alternative Media production, or if the DRC is unable to obtain a version of requested course materials by other means, students may be asked to submit their own course materials. These materials will be cut and scanned. The physical copy of the materials will be rebound and returned within 72 hours of submission. Please note that the altered condition of returned course materials may affect their resale value.

Alternative Media Delivery:

The DRC will deliver all requested course materials via online download. Students who wish to receive media by other means (CD, flash drive, Braille, etc.) should contact the DRC directly.

Please Note: Alternative Media Service Requests will be processed in the order they are received.

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