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Intercultural Council

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The Intercultural Council oversees and assists the other diversity committees and reports to the President. It is comprised of chairs of all the University's diversity committees, as well as others who are committed to furthering the work of this important council, which supports efforts in all areas of the University. We do not usually organize programs but take part in campus-wide initiatives relating to diversity issues. Our goal is to raise awareness of the need to foster an understanding of diversity, to create a more diverse student body and faculty, and facilitate communication across campus and into the community on diversity-related issues and events.

The IC meets the first Tuesday of every month in JCSU 420, from 12:30-1:45 p.m.


Enhance communication among the diversity committees and provide guidance to the university on a broad range of issues and concerns by identifying potential initiatives, projects and programs that will improve intercultural relations at the university.


Identify projects, programs, initiatives and other strategies for building an inclusive university community by:

  • Improving campus climate
  • Enhancing the recruitment and retention of students and faculty
  • Strengthening inclusive curricular and co-curricular programs
  • Improving learning environments
  • Playing a central role in the dialogue that defines the meaning of an inclusive community

Provide and promote educational opportunities to the university community:

  • Develop consensus among the various diversity committees for the implementation of major initiatives
  • Recommend the implementation of campus-wide initiatives to the President

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