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About Us

The University of Nevada, Reno strengthened its commitment to inclusion, access and opportunity for underrepresented students, faculty and staff during President Joe Crowley's leadership when the position of special assistant to the president for diversity was established in 1990. President Crowley named professor Michael Coray to the new post to develop and implement campus-wide diversity initiatives, including a structure for issues- and constituent-based diversity committees to ensure that many groups had direct reporting lines to the Office of the President.

Currently, the diversity committees report to the Office of the President and have evolved to include the following committees:

  • Committee on the Status of Women
  • University Disabilities Resource Coalition
  • Advocates and Allies for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Committee
  • Multiethnic Coalition
  • Work and Family Task Force
  • International Activities Committee
  • University Veterans Coalition
  • Intercultural Council

All the committee chairs serve on the Intercultural Council to provide continuity and communication among the group.

The University Diversity Committees are open to all faculty, staff and students who wish to volunteer to participate in a variety of new and established initiatives and program development opportunities. Membership meetings are normally held monthly Sept.-Dec. and Feb.-May during the academic year.

For more information, visit the committee webpages or contact the Office of the President.

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