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Degrees and Programs

Degrees and Programs


Anthropologist making discoveriesAnthropology

Anthropology is the comparative and historical study of human origins and human societies and cultures.

Gallery photoArt

Art offers a diverse program of undergraduate instruction in both art history and studio art.

Art History

The Art Department in the College of Liberal Arts offers a history of art major.

Asian Studies

A minor in Asian Studies is offered through the College of Liberal Arts and is coordinated by the International Affairs Program.

Basque man celebratingBasque Studies

An undergraduate minor in Basque studies is offered through the Center for Basque Studies, part of the College of Liberal Arts.

Chinese Studies

The College of Liberal Arts offers an undergraduate minor in Chinese Studies under the direction of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures.

Communication Studies

The academic program in communication studies at the University of Nevada, Reno, emphasizes training in oral communication skills and the cognitive principles and strategies that support them.

Police officerCriminal Justice

Criminal Justice is an academic field which examines the actions of the formal social mechanism we call the criminal justice system. The system is composed of three subsystems: policing /law enforcement agencies, the courts/judiciary, and correctional agencies. The study of criminal justice requires an examination of the structure and functioning of each of these subsystems, as well as knowledge about the role behavior of the participants. The study of the criminal justice process involves a critical evaluation of how the administration of justice actually operates in American society, raising fundamental questions and examining the perspectives from which solutions to problems might be drawn.


A minor in dance features a combination of performance and education based classes.

Frandsen BuildingEnglish

The English department prepares students for a variety of professions that range from teaching to law, publication to management, public administration to technical writing.


Students majoring in French gain advanced speaking, reading and writing skills in the language, as well as knowledge of French and francophone literature and film.

Students studyingGender, Race and Identity

The Graduate Certificate in Gender, Race and Identity provides a curriculum that complements existing graduate programs both at the M.A. and the Ph.D. levels. A Graduate Certificate Program in Gender, Race and Identity will be of benefit to students who are pursuing a graduate degree in other areas, including business, history, social work, social psychology, psychology, and sociology.

Historic Preservation

Historic preservation is a rapidly expanding field devoted to the understanding, recording, preservation, restoration or adaptive reuse of significant objects, buildings, sites, neighborhoods, districts or engineering works that reflect a portion of the nation's historic and prehistoric cultural heritage.

Manzanita Lake at sunsetHistory

Programs in the History Department offer the student understanding in the scholarly discipline of history through the expansion of historical knowledge, the comprehension of historiography, and the practice of critical inquiry. Framing the questions that define particular scholarly debates underlies critical analysis of primary and secondary sources. Students gain exposure to these questions in course work and demonstrate their familiarity with them in comprehensive examinations. Through the department's skills-based curriculum, history majors learn how to think and write like historians. History faculty teach students to think contextually, read historical documents, and become better researchers and writers.

International Affairs

The International Affairs Program is an interdisciplinary major for undergraduate students as well as a venue for various community outreach projects.

Japanese Studies

The College of Liberal Arts offers an undergraduate minor in Japanese studies under the direction of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures.

Gavel and judge's seatJudicial Studies

As the challenges facing our court systems mount, it is essential that the judiciary be equipped for transition. At the forefront of this movement is the highly successful Judicial Studies Program at the University of Nevada, Reno, one of only two such programs offered nationwide. The program offers a Master of Judicial Studies and a Ph.D.

Scales of justiceJustice Management

The Master of Justice Management is a special degree program offering a broad selection of courses including foundation courses in justice theory and process, essentials of justice management, and courses specific to areas of concentration such as Juvenile Justice Management, Adult Justice Management, and Executive Court and Agency Administration.

Latin American Studies

Latin American Studies includes study of Spanish beyond the minimum college requirement and integrates regional courses taught through six cooperating departments and programs.

Medieval and Renaissance Studies

Medieval and Renaissance studies is an appropriate minor for students majoring in the following disciplines: anthropology, art, criminal justice, English, foreign languages and literatures, history, mathematics, music, philosophy, political science, psychology, sociology, and speech communication and theatre.

Military Science

The overall objective of the ROTC program is to develop in the student/cadet--through both classroom theory and practical application--the necessary traits, knowledge, proficiency and experience in order to be commissioned as an officer in the United States Army.

Museum Studies

The interdisciplinary program in Museum Studies offers students an opportunity to explore the expanding field of museum work and museum research.


Music programs within the Department are dedicated to the professional training of students in music education, applied performance, and music history. The Department's dedication to student and faculty participation in ensemble performance reflects the belief that interactive rehearsals and live performances teach music students the technology and social dynamics of being a musician. It is in ensemble playing where musical ideas are animated individually, instrument by instrument, but shared as a collaborative experience with fellow musicians and with the listening audience.

Jazz students in hallwayMusic Education

Music Education degrees are unique in that the result of the program not only enhances the student's personal skills as a musician, providing opportunities for further development, but the program also prepares the student for teaching others how to explore their own musical interests and talents. The Department of Music at the University of Nevada, Reno offers the Bachelor of Music, Music Education and Master of Music, Music Education degrees with three different fields of concentration attached to each in order to accommodate the background, musical preferences and educational goals of students interested in Music Education as a professional career choice.

Music: Applied

Students must successfully audition before the music faculty for entrance into the Bachelor of Music degree program with a major in applied music.

Students working in a biology labNeuroscience

Neuroscience is the study of the nervous system, including the brain, spinal cord and networks of sensory nerve cells throughout the body.

Student thinkingPhilosophy

Philosophy is the study of disciplined thinking-the ability to read and listen critically, to address problems systematically, and to express ideas articulately.

American flagPolitical Science

Political science is the study of power and who wields it and to what end. Political science majors study how governments interact with individuals or other governments and examine the results of those interactions.

Students at lakePsychology

Psychology majors learn about human behavior and its context.

Reno skylinePublic Administration

The major focus in the MPA course of study is on a professional education that links academic inquiry with career training and development.

Religious Studies

The University of Nevada, Reno offers an interdisciplinary minor in religious studies. Courses are offered in the departments of anthropology, art, dance, foreign languages, history, philosophy and sociology.

Students at Manzanita LakeSocial Psychology

The Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Program in Social Psychology at the University of Nevada, Reno is one of the oldest social psychology programs in the country.

Manzanita LakeSociology

Sociology is the study of humans in their social groupings.

Spanish flagSpanish

Spanish includes courses in Peninsular, Hispanic-American, and U.S. Latino culture and literature.


The Theatre major is considered to be part academic discipline, part technical craft, and part art.

Women's Studies

Women's Studies

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