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Upcoming Events

Black History Month Events

February 1st  - 28th          
Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc    
Joe Crowley Student Union (JCSU)
Tunnel of Oppression                   
February 23rd - 27th
Lambda Phi Xi Multicultural Sorority, Inc
All Day
I have a Dream ...Board
Knowledge Center Lobby                                   

February 25th
PAW Prints
6 PM - 10 PM
JCSU Theatre
Movie: Do the Right Thing                           

February 26th
Sisters On A Move          
7:00 PM
Ansari Business Building Room 101
Black History Family Feud                            

February 26th & 27th    
Cultural Diversity Committee     
All Day 
Joe Crowley Student Union
Exploring Diversity and Equity in Education, Careers, and the Community                        

February 28th   
Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc    
7:14 PM               
JCSU Theatre
Miss Phi Beta Sigma Pageant                     

Events open to all students and university community. Additional events will be added as they occur, please check back frequently.

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