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Graduate Student Milestones

Graduate student researchers

Navigating Graduate School Requirements

In addition to coursework and research, graduate students must meet certain milestone and requirements set forth by The Graduate School.

  • Forms: The most up-to-date version of all forms referenced below can be found on the forms section of The Graduate School website.
  • Deadlines: Specific deadlines for each step vary each semester. Please see The Graduate School website for specific dates for the semester you plan to graduate.

File an approved program of study

Your program of study is the official record of courses you will take to meet your degree requirements. The Program of Study must be agreed upon by you, your faculty advisors and the graduate school.

Form a graduate committee

A master's degree committee consists of a major advisor and two additional members. A Ph.D. committee consists of a major advisor and four additional member, at least one of whom must be from outside the student's department or program. 

Members of the committee must be selected form the list of graduate faculty posted on the Graduate School website. Your committee must be established prior to submitting your program of study.

Doctoral degree admission to candidacy

Required for all Ph.D. students. The form should be filled out after your coursework and comprehensive exams have been completed and before the dissertation defense.

Apply to graduate

Applications for graduate can be purchased and submitted online and must be submitted early in the semester you plan to graduate.

File a notice of completion

A Notice of Completion must be filed with the Graduate School when completing the final written or oral examination, or when defending a Master's thesis, professional paper, or doctoral dissertation. Students will not graduate without filing this form.

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