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Job Opening for Computer Science and Engineers (ELE:UNR)

JOB OPENING FOR COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERS POSITION DESCRIPTION:   Review work that has already been completed on a web-based and mobile based platforms and determine what work is needed to complete the job. The completed platform needs to have the following functions: Generate a detailed and simple report from our algorithm (in excel format) ...

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ME2L Student Teacher | University of Nevada, Reno (ELE:UNR)

ME2L STUDENT TEACHER | UNIVERSITY OF NEVADA, RENO POSITION DESCRIPTION:   setting up and conducting demonstrations in classrooms speaking to young “future engineering” students driving the ME2L van to local schools keeping the contents of the van organized developing new experiments and demonstrations for K-12 gain valuable experience while using engineering skills advance your communication ...

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Firmware Engineer | Horiba (ELE:UNR)

FIRMWARE ENGINEER | HORIBA POSITION DESCRIPTION:   Under the general supervision of the assigned manager, designs, writes, maintains, tests and installs software to meet customer specifications. Develops firmware in C/C++ for new products and maintains code for legacy products.  Works closely with multi-disciplinary team members on site and in Japan.  Will be responsible for some ...

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New Grad Generalist Software Engineer | LiveRamp (ELE:UNR)

NEW GRAD GENERALIST SOFTWARE ENGINEER | LIVERAMP POSITION DESCRIPTION:   Can’t be tied down to a single specialty? This is the job for you. It’s hard to say what tomorrows challenge will be, but you’ll be happy to hack away at it, whether it’s a Ruby on Rails web UI, a distributed analysis Hadoop application ...

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Software Engineer | NASA (EXP:UNR)

SOFTWARE ENGINEER | NASA POSITION DESCRIPTION:   Want to create cutting-edge interactive 3D graphics? Want to build software that will be used to operate NASA robots on the Space Station, the Moon, and other extreme environments? Want to make a difference in how we explore space? The NASA Ames Intelligent Robotics Group ( has an ...

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Software Engineering / iOS Application Development | Zappos (INT:UNR)

SOFTWARE ENGINEERING / IOS APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT | ZAPPOS POSITION DESCRIPTION:   When you intern with Zappos, you get more than just “real world work experience.” You become part of our family. Our core values are embodied in every aspect of the program that sums to an incredible journey that will enable you to enter the ...

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Software Developer | Chargerback (EXP:UNR)

SOFTWARE DEVELOPER | CHARGERBACK POSITION DESCRIPTION:   You will be working under multiple development and operating systems environments Writing and bullet proofing Jscript, VBScript, SQLServer stored procedures and html5 code Debugging system issues on multiple debug systems and operating environments Integrating via API with PCI compliant systems, shipping systems and multi-language systems Growing with a ...

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Cyber Student Volunteer Initiative | Department of Homeland Security (INT:UNR)

CYBER STUDENT VOLUNTEER INITIATIVE | DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY POSITION DESCRIPTION:   The Secretary’s Honors Program (SHP) Cyber Student Volunteer Initiative (CSVI) provides students pursuing cybersecurity-related degrees with an opportunity to work with top Department of Homeland Security (DHS) cybersecurity professionals, while learning about the unique cybersecurity missions of the department. By offering temporary, hands-on ...

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Software Engineer | Rogue Gaming Studio (ELE:UNR)

SOFTWARE ENGINEER | ROGUE GAMING STUDIO POSITION DESCRIPTION:   Rogue Gaming Studio is an established and independent casino gaming studio in Reno, Nevada. Rogue provides various game design services including mathematical design, art, and field ready software packages. As a Software Engineer at Rogue you will jump into a fast paced iterative development process working ...

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Software Engineer | RedTeal (ELE:UNR)

SOFTWARE ENGINEER | REDTEAL POSITION DESCRIPTION:   RedTeal is looking for both Entry Level and Senior Software Engineers with solid backgrounds in Computer Science. We develop on the latest cloud technology stacks and work with some of the fastest growing San Francisco and Silicon Valley companies. In addition, we also partner with some of Northern ...

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