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Dr. Fred Harris and students

Who is my advisor?

  • Freshmen, sophomores and incoming transfer students are advised by the College of Engineering Advising Center.
  • Computer science and engineering majors who have completed 60 credits are advised by a member of the CSE faculty.

CSE Advisors

Juniors and seniors: Please contact the CSE department office (SEM 242) to make an appointment with the advisor who corresponds to the first letter of your last name.

Last name: A

George Bebis
SEM 241

Last Name: D-F

Dwight Egbert
SEM 242

Last name: J-L

Fred Harris, Jr.
SEM 240A

Last name: N-P

Michael Leverington
SEM 230

Last name: Sn-Sz

Monica Nicolescu
SEM 239

Last name: Y-Z

Arslan Munir
SEM 206

Last name: B

Eelke Folmer
SEM 208

Last name: G

Dave Feil-Seifer
SEM 218

Last name: Ma-Mm

Hung (Jim) La
SEM 319A

Last name: Q-R

Sushil Louis
SEM 233

Last name: T-V

Shamik Sengupta
SEM 204

Last name: C

Sergiu Dascalu
SEM 236

Last name: H-I

Mehmet Gunes
SEM 238

Last name: Mn-Mz

Nancy LaTourette
SEM 240

Last name: Sa-Sm

Ming Li
SEM 235

Last name: W-X

Yaakov Varol
SEM 242

When should I meet my advisor?

You are required to meet your advisor prior to enrolling in classes each semester so we can make sure you are making satisfactory progress toward your degree.

You should feel free to visit your advisor at any point during the semester to ask questions are seek guidance.

What do I need to do to get ready for my appointment?

Please fill out the appropriate form and bring it with you to your advising appointment:

Additional forms

To request an exception to course requirements, please fill out General Petition/Exception form and submit it to your advisor.

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