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Software Systems

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Faculty in this area focus on two research areas:

  1. Human-Computer Interaction
  2. Software Engineering

Faculty in human-computer interaction (HCI) research the design and use of computer technology, focusing particularly on the interfaces between people (users) and computers. Research in HCI at the University of Nevada, Reno focuses on high-impact social problems pertaining assistive technology, "real-world" accessibility, health and well-being. Research funded by NSF, Google and Microsoft develops assistive technology for users who are blind, such as accessible exercise games and an indoor navigation system for Google Glass.

Faculty focusing on software systems apply their expertise in software engineering to develop infrastructure and software solutions to support statewide projects designed to scale and support the collection and use of big data for scientific research. Among the recent research collaborations faculty have been involved in are two NSF EPSCoR projects designed to gather climate and energy data as well as a consortium to share climate data among EPSCoR states Idaho, Nevada and New Mexico. A collaboration with the University of Nevada School of Medicine has resulted in software that enables large-scale modeling and visualization of neural networks.

Research Projects

Research Labs

Brain Computation Laboratory

Primary Contacts: Sergiu Dascalu and Fred Harris
Major Focus: Brain simulations and robotic control
Website: Brain Computation Lab

Cyber Infrastructure Lab (CIL)

Primary Contacts: Sergiu Dascalu and Fred Harris
Major Focus: Creation of new computing environments and methodologies that enable and accelerate scientific research and discovery, system and software architectures, techniques and tools for multi-disciplinary data-intensive projects, parallel computing, high-speed secure communication networks, data visualization, human-computer interaction for research activities, and advanced data acquisition, processing, and management.
Website: Cyber Infrastructure Lab

High Performance Computation and Visualization Lab

Primary Contact: Fred Harris
Major Focus: Parallel and distributed computation, graphics, scientific visualization, and virtual reality applications.
Website: High Performance Computation and Visualization Lab Website

Human+ Lab

Primary Contacts: Eelke Folmer
Major Focus: We investigate and develop next-generation technology that improves the interaction of humans with computers, with a specific focus on exploring assistive technology for users with visual impairments. Of specific interest is the intersection of human computer interaction with machine learning. Key areas of research: augmented reality, natural interfaces, machine learning, wearable computing, human navigation, spatial perception, haptics, assistive technology.
Website: Human-Computer Interaction Lab

Software Engineering Laboratory (SOELA)

Primary Contact: Sergiu Dascalu
Major Focus: Requirements specification, software architectures, software systems, user interface design, software frameworks and environments, tools for scientific and interdisciplinary research, model and data interoperability, simulation environments, software usability, project management.
Website: Software Engineering Lab Website

Faculty in this area

Sergiu Dascalu

Sergiu Dascalu


(775) 784-4613

Eelke Folmer

Eelke Folmer

Associate Professor

(775) 784-7592

Eric Fritzinger

Eric Fritzinger

Software Developer

(775) 784-6974

Fred Harris

Fred Harris, Jr.


(775) 784-6571

Lei Yang

Lei Yang

Assistant Professor

SEM 212

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