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Games and Simulations

Simulation of naval exercises

In our department, we take games very seriously. Computer games and simulations are employed by industries from defense to health care for training and testing purposes.

Our research focuses on game architecture and design that can realistically recreate the complexities of real-world situations, such as naval combat situations.

To do this successfully, games have to learn and evolve, mimicking the behavior and strategy of a real-life opponent.

Other games and simulations have been developed with environmental and educational applications such as teaching about climate change or modeling the unpredictable behavior of a wildfire in virtual reality.

Another key strand of research focuses on making games and other interactive devices accessible for individuals with disabilities through new interfaces incorporating touch, sound and vibration.

Research projects

You can view video and summaries of our current research in games and simulations on our project page.

Research Labs

Evolutionary Computing Systems Laboratory (ECSL)

Primary Contact: Sushil Louis
Major Focus: Evolutionary computing based machine learning and its applications to military training and decision support, computer gaming, and modeling and inversion.
Website: Evolutionary Computing Systems Lab Website

Human-Computer Interaction Lab

Primary Contacts: Eelke Folmer
Major Focus: We investigate and develop next-generation technology that improves the interaction of humans with computers, with a specific focus on exploring assistive technology for users with visual impairments. Of specific interest is the intersection of human computer interaction with machine learning. Key areas of research: augmented reality, natural interfaces, machine learning, wearable computing, human navigation, spatial perception, haptics, assistive technology.
Website: Human-Computer Interaction Lab

Faculty in this area

Eelke Folmer

Eelke Folmer

Associate Professor

(775) 784-7592

Sushil Louis

Sushil Louis


(775) 784-4315

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