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Computer Engineering Courses

CPE 201 Digital Design

Fundamentals of digital design. Topics include: number bases, binary arithmetic, Boolean logic, minimizations, combinational and sequential circuits, registers, counters, memory, programmable logic devices, register transfer. (Offered every semester.)

Prerequisite(s): CS 135 with a "C" or better. (BS-EE students are exempt from the "C" requirement.)
CPE 201 Syllabus, Fall 2015

CPE 301 Embedded Systems Design

Embedded systems design and applications. Field Programmable gate arrays, microcontroller architecture, memory and I/O decoding, timers, interrupt systems, analog to digital converters.

Prerequisite(s): CPE 201
CPE 301 Syllabus, Fall 2015

CPE 400 Computer Communication Networks

ISO model, protocol layers, circuit/packet switching, sockets, reliable transport, congestion control, routing, addressing, switching, multiple access, error correction, coding, and digital modulation. (Formerly CS 432, 632; implemented Spring 2005.)

Corequisite(s): CS 446
CPE 400 Syllabus, Fall 2015

 CPE 401 Computer Network Systems

Packet switching, routing, congestion control, network layer, internet, transport layer, sessions, FTP, telnet, rlogin, SMTP, NFS, NetBIOS, WWW, security, data compression. (Formerly CS 433; implemented Spring 2005.)

Prerequisite(s): CS 365; CPE 400
CPE 401 Syllabus, Spring 2015

CPE 406 Real-Time Computer Systems

Principles of real time computing with applications to process control and laboratory data acquisition. Introduction to real time languages and operating systems. A number of computing projects are to be completed for credit using laboratory hardware and software. (Formerly CS 434; implemented Spring 2005.)

Prerequisite(s): CPE 301
CPE 406 Syllabus, Spring 2015

 CPE 411 Digital Computer Architecture & Design

Fundamental principles of computer architecture and organization. Topics include performance evaluation, memory, input/output, computer arithmetic, instruction sets, processors, RISC, superscalar architectures, control unit. (Formerly CS 431; implemented Spring 2005.)

Prerequisite(s): CPE 301
CPE 411 Syllabus, Spring 2014

CPE 426 Senior Projects in Computer Engineering

Supervised group or team projects with emphasis on implementation of engineered design. Major capstone course.

Prerequisite(s):CS 425; ENG 102; CH 201; and junior or senior standing.

CPE 470 Autonomous Mobile Robots

Design, implementation and programming of autonomous mobile robots; sensors, effectors, basic control theory, fundamental elements of mobile robot control, introduction to advanced topics, illustrations of state-of-the-art. Teamwork: final project tested in a robot contest. 

Prerequisite(s): CS 302 with a "C" or better.
CPE 470 Syllabus, Fall 2014


CPE 481 Embedded Games Development

Computer game development with emphasis on embedded systems and game consoles with fixed resources. Evolution of video display, computer sound, and game i/o technologies.

Prerequisite(s): CPE 301
CPE 481 Syllabus, Fall 2015

CPE 491 Topics in Computer Engineering 1-3 credits

Topics which are not covered in regular course offerings. Maximum of 6 credits.

Prerequisite(s): CS 302 with a "C" or better.

CPE 493 Directed Study in Computer Engineering 1-3 credits

Intensive study of a special problem in computer engineering. Maximum of 6 credits.

Prerequisite(s):CS 302 with a "C" or better.

CPE 494 Internship in Computer Engineering

Individual internships in industry are arranged with appropriate companies. Written report is required upon completion of the work. Maximum of 3 credits.
Internship Requirements

Prerequisite(s): CS 302 with a "C" or better.

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