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  • Sushil Louis, Games and Simulations (chair)
  • Mehmet Gunes, Computers and Networks
  • David Feil-Seifer, Intelligent Systems
  • Monica Nicolescu, Intelligent Systems
  • Ming Li, Computer and Networks


  • Mircea Nicolescu, Intelligent Systems (chair)
  • Sergiu Dascalu, Software Systems
  • Eelke Folmer, Games and Simulations
  • Shamik Sengupta, Computers and Networks
  • Hung (Jim) La, Intelligent Systems

Accreditation and Assessment

  • Mircea Nicolescu (chair)
  • Fred Harris
  • Dwight Egbert
  • Yaakov Varol


  • Michael Leverington (chair)
  • Sushil Louis (undergraduate chair)
  • Mircea Nicolescu (graduate chair)
  • Shamik Sengupta (colloquia chair)


  • Shamik Sengupa (chair)
  • Mehmet Gunes
  • Hung (Jim) La

Computer Science and Engineering, Differential Fees

  • George Bebis (chair)
  • Sushil Louis (undergraduate chair)
  • Mircea Nicolescu (graduate chair)
  • Salah Majadly (undergraduate student)
  • TBA (graduate student)

Faculty Evaluations

  • Sergiu Dascalu (chair) (2nd year)
  • Mircea Nicolescu (2nd year)
  • Mehmet Gunes (1st year)

Outreach and Engagement

  • Yaakov Varol (chair) — NCWIT representative
  • Nancy LaTourrette — WICSE advisor
  • David Feil-Seifer — ACM advisor
  • Ming Li

Facilities and Equipment

  • Nancy LaTourrette (chair)
  • Yaakov Varol
  • Dwight Egbert
  • Arslan Munir
  • Duane Wiley

Personnel Search Committee

  • Sergiu Dascalu (chair)
  • Fred Harris
  • Yaakov Varol
  • Monica Nicolescu
  • Lisa Cody

Ad-hoc Space Committee

  • Eelke Folmer (chair)
  • Sushil Louis
  • Fred Harris
  • Monica Nicolescu

College of Engineering

  • Personnel: Fred Harris
  • FACE: Sergiu Dascalu
  • Graduate Directors: Mircea Nicolescu
  • Curriculum: Mehmet Gunes
  • Retention: Dwight Egbert
  • Differential Fees: Monica Nicolescu, Michael Leverington
  • Faculty Excellence Awards: Eelke Folmer
  • Space Committee: Sushil Louis

University of Nevada, Reno

  • Outreach and Engagement: Yaakov Varol

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