Individual Services

Along with the excitement and adventure of college sometimes comes emotions, fears and concerns that can be troubling and can prevent us from maximizing our college experience.

The first thing to realize is that you are far from alone in your struggles and you do have professional resources that will assist you in working through your problems at no cost to you. Some common concerns for college-aged students are:

academic challenges

Academic Challenges:

Most college students struggle from time to time academically, it's just a fact of life. It may because of course load, a super tough professor or challenging subject matter. Or the problem may be less circumstantial and more personal such as a lack of academic confidence, attention deficit disorder(s), test anxiety or a high stress level. Problems you have that prevent you from maximizing your academic experience here at UNR are important to the staff at the Counseling Center. We want you to succeed and are here to help you resolve your problems so that you can do just that. Please stop by or call to schedule an appointment.

Life Transition Challenges:

Most big changes, even positive changes, cause some kind of stress. And sometimes, even good changes have negative elements that can cause unhealthy stress. If you are experiencing personal issues related to a life transition, we are here to help you work through your emotions and manage your transition successfully. Please stop by or call to schedule an appointment.

emotional challenges

Emotional Challenges:

In life, some years stand out as being characterized by a lot of highs and lows. For many people, the college years can be a roller-coaster of emotions and sometimes that can take a toll on a student to the point where they need some help to understand and better manage their emotional challenges. If you are experiencing problems such as depression, anxiety, anger management issues, difficulty with conflict/conflict resolution, suicidal thoughts, eating disorder(s), emotion regulation, grief and loss, homesickness, relationship issues, personal growth challenges, roommate conflicts, self-esteem issues, violent and/or sexual assault, sexual identity, health concerns, social anxiety, stress or any other emotional challenge and would like someone to talk to for assistance, please stop by or call to schedule an appointment.

Drug/Alcohol Problems:

An unfortunate number of people realize only too late that they have a problem with drugs and/or alcohol and it ends up costing them dearly. Whether it's a wasted opportunity such as failing a class or failing to graduate or a wasted life such as addiction, incarceration or even death, the problem is often bigger than the person's ability to fix it. If you or someone you care about has a problem with drugs and/or alcohol, please seek assistance right away. We are here to help guide you to the help you or your loved one needs today. Please stop by or call to schedule an appointment.

Sexual Health CounselingSexual Health Concerns:

Just as in your general physical and mental health, your sexual health can at times present concerns that you may need to discuss with a professional counselor for guidance and possibly physician referrals. Aspects of sexual health such as sexually transmitted diseases and unplanned pregnancies can cause significant distress and create a need for support and counseling. Confusion or conflicts regarding sexual orientation can also be quite distressing and require counseling and advice. Please utilize your Counseling Center on campus; we're here to help you. Please stop by or call to schedule an appointment.

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