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Hongfei Lin

Assistant Professor

Hongfei Lin

Contact Information


  • Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Louisiana State University, 2005
  • M.S., Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University, 2000
  • B.S., Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University, 1996


Hongfei Lin received his B.E. and M.S. degrees in chemical engineering from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, in 1996 and 2000, respectively, and his Ph.D. in chemical engineering from Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, La., in 2005. After graduation, he was a postdoctoral fellow for two years in the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He then worked in industry for three years in alternative energy research specializing in catalytic conversion of biomass to advanced biofuels and catalytic transformation of natural gas to liquid fuels or chemicals. His research activities focus on the development of novel catalytic materials and chemical conversion processes for the production of renewable energy, clean fuels and green chemicals.

Research interests

  • Catalytic conversion of biomass into liquid fuels
  • Renewable hydrogen production
  • Fuel cell electrocatalysis
  • Advanced functional nanomaterials for energy conversion
  • Photocatalysis

Class Materials

  • CHE 374 Transport Phenomena II
  • CHE 485 Separation Processes
  • CHE 741 Advanced Kinetics and Reactor Design

Selected & Recent Publications

Peer-reviewed papers (36 publications; total citations > 950 - Per Google Scholar; H-index = 15; *corresponding authors)

  • Xiaokun Yang, Lisha Yang, Wei Fan, Hongfei Lin*. Effect of Redox Properties of LaCoO3 Perovskites on Production of Lactic Acid from Cellulosic Biomass in Aqueous Solutions. Catalysis Today (2016) in press, DOI : 10.1016/j.cattod.2015.12.003e (Invited)
  • Lisha Yang, Xiaokun Yang, Elli Tian, Hongfei Lin*. Direct Conversion of Cellulose into Ethyl Lactate in Supercritical Ethanol-Water Solutions. ChemSusChem (2015) in press DOI: 10.1002/cssc.201500855 (IF=7.66)
  • Lisha Yang, Xiaokun Yang, Elli Tian, Vivek Vattipalli, Wei Fan, Hongfei Lin*. Mechanistic Insights into the Production of Methyl Lactate by Catalytic Conversion of Carbohydrates on Mesoporous Zr-SBA-15. Journal of Catalysis, 333, pp.207-216 (2016) (IF=6.96)
  • Ji Su, Mi Lu, Hongfei Lin*. High Yield Production of Formate by Hydrogenating CO2 Derived Ammonium Carbamate / Carbonate at Room Temperature. Green Chemistry, 17, pp. 2769-2773 (2015) (IF=8.02)
  • Lisha Yang, Mi Lu, Sarah Carl, Jesse Mayer, John C. Cushman, Elli Tian, Hongfei Lin*. Biomass Characterization of Agave and Opuntia: The Drought-tolerant Bioenergy Crops. Biomass and Bioenergy, 76, pp. 43-53  (2015)
  • Ji Su, Lisha Yang, Mi Lu, Hongfei Lin*. Highly Efficient Hydrogen Storage System Based on Ammonium Bicarbonate/Formate Redox Equilibrium over Palladium Nano-catalyst. ChemSusChem, 8, pp. 813-816  (2015) (IF=7.66)
  • Ji Su, Lisha Yang, Xiaokun Yang, Hongfei Lin*. Simultaneously Converting Carbonate / Bicarbonate and Biomass to Value-added Carboxylic Acid Salts by Aqueous-phase Hydrogen Transfer. ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, 3,pp. 195-203(2015) (IF=4.64) (Feature Article on Front Cover)
  • Lisha Yang, Ji Su, Sarah Carl, Joan G. Lynam, Xiaokun Yang, Hongfei Lin*. Catalytic Conversion of Hemicellulosic Biomass to Lactic Acid in pH Neutral Aqueous Phase Media. Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 162, pp. 149-157 (2015) (IF=7.44)
  • Ji Su, Lisha Yang, Reed N Liu, Hongfei Lin*. Low-temperature Oxidation of Guaiacol to Maleic Acid over TS-1 Catalyst in Alkaline Aqueous H2O2 Solutions. Chinese Journal of Catalysis, 35, pp. 622-630. (2014) Invited peer-reviewed paper.
  • Hongfei Lin*, Jason Strull; Ying Liu; Zachary Karmiol; Kelsey Plank; Glenn Miller; Zhanhu Guo; Lisha Yang. High Yield Production of Levulinic Acid by Catalytic Partial Oxidation of Cellulose in Aqueous Media. Energy & Environmental Science, 5, pp. 9773-9777. (2012) (IF=20.52)
  • Suying Wei; Qiang Wang; Jiahua Zhu; Luyi Sun; Hongfei Lin; Zhanhu Guo. Multifunctional Composite Core-shell Nanoparticles. Nanoscale, 3, pp. 4474-4502. (2011) (IF=7.39) (Most Read Nanoscale Article in 2012)
  • Jung-Nam Park; Arnold Forman; Wei Tang; Jihong Cheng; Yong-Sheng Hu; Hongfei Lin*; Eric W. McFarland*. Highly Active and Sinter-Resistant Pd-Nanoparticle Catalysts Encapsulated in Silica. Small, 4 (10), pp. 1694-1697. (2008) *corresponding authors (IF=7.51)
  • Hongfei Lin; Jeffery Gerbec; Michael Sushchikh; Eric W McFarland. Synthesis of SiC Nanoparticles in a Low Pressure Microwave Plasma Reactor. Nanotechnology, 19, pp. 325601-325609. (2008)
  • Hongfei Lin; Wei Tang; Alan Kleinman; Eric W McFarland. Oxygen Electroreduction on Bifunctional Gold-Cobalt Oxide Nanocluster Catalysts. Journal of Electrochemistry Society, 155 (2), pp. B200-B206. (2008)
  • Wei Tang; Hongfei Lin; Alan Kleinman; Galen D. Stucky, Eric W. McFarland. Size-Dependent Activity of Gold Nanoparticles for Oxygen Electroreduction in Alkaline Electrolyte. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 112 (28), pp. 10515-10519. (2008)
  • Hongfei Lin; Kalliat T. Valsaraj. An Optical Fiber Monolith Reactor for Photocatalytic Wastewater Treatment. AIChE Journal, 52(6), pp. 2271-2280. (2006)
  • Hongfei Lin; Kalliat T. Valsaraj. Development of an Optical Fiber Monolith Reactor for Photocatalytic Wastewater Treatment. Journal of Applied Electrochemistry, 35 (7), pp. 699-708. (2005) Invited peer reviewed paper
  • Hongfei Lin; Kalliat T. Valsaraj. A Titania Thin Film Annular Photocatalytic Reactor for the Degradation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Dilute Water Streams. Journal of Hazardous Materials, 99 (2), pp. 203-219. (2003)
  • Hongfei Lin; R. Ravikrishna; Kalliat T. Valsaraj. Reusable Adsorbents for Dilute Solution Separation. 6. Batch and Continuous Reactors for the Adsorption and Degradation of 1, 2-Dichlorobenzene from Dilute Wastewater Streams using Titania as a Photocatalyst. Separation and Purification Technology, 28 (2), pp. 87-102. (2002)
  • Minghan Han; Hongfei Lin; Yanhui Yuan; Wang, Dezheng; Yong Jin. Pressure Drop for Two Phase Counter-current Flow in a Packed Column with a Novel Internal. Chemical Engineering Journal (Amsterdam, Netherlands), 94 (3), pp. 179-187. (2003)
  • Hongfei Lin; Minghan Han; Jinfu Wang; Zhanwen Wang; Yong Jin.. Study on a Catalytic Distillation Column with a Novel Internal. Chemical Engineering Communications, 189 (11), pp. 1498-1516. (2002)
  • Fei Wei; Hongfei Lin; Yi Cheng; Zhanwen Wang; Yong Jin. Profiles of Particle Velocity and Solids Fraction in a High-density Riser. Powder Technology, 100 (2-3), pp. 183-189. (1998)

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