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Tutoring Registration for FALL 2016

 Literacy Tutoring: Fall 2016


FOR Fall 2016 will be posted August 15, 2016



The Center for Learning & Literacy is providing tutoring for students in grades K-6 during the FALL Semester of 2016. The tutoring program will provide one hour of individual one-on-one tutoring. Each session will work on literacy skills using digital storytelling, reading, and writing.  Each child will be individually assessed using an Informal Reading Inventory, a spelling inventory, and given a writing assessment. Individualized instruction will be provided in order to support and enhance each child's literacy development. A mid-term assessment and a final assessment (including a DVD and lesson analysis) will be provided to the family at the conclusion of the program.

FALL Tutoring Dates:    SEPTEMBER --NOVEMBER  (specific dates will be posted in August)

Times:                                4:15 p.m.-5:15 p.m.
Registration Fee:            $ 250                          SCHOLARSHIPS ARE AVAILABLE-----------PLEASE CONTACT US FOR MORE INFORMATION

Registration Process:      We receive many applications for the tutoring program. Program slots are dependent on the UNR student course enrollment for each semester in order to maintain the one-on-one ratio. We do not accept students until the UNR add/drop date the second week of September. If your child is accepted you will receive a welcome packet with additional information, other students will be placed on a waiting list. You may contact Erica Charles if you have any questions:  OR 775-682-5522

Location:                           WRB 3050 UNR Education Building, Center for Learning & Literacy.  We are located under the star on this  map.
Parking:                            Twenty minute parking passes for the south east corner parking area of the Education Building are provided for pick up and drop off.

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