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Prospective Students

Why study literacy online at the University of Nevada, Reno?

  •  High quality courses focused on literacy instruction and assessment at all levels of instruction.
  • Ability to complete the entire program online. 
  • Opportunity to interact with literacy researchers and other master teachers both in and outside of Nevada. 
  • Reflect on your own teaching practices and apply current research to improve and expand your knowledge. 
  • Option to receive state literacy endorsements.

The Online Literacy Master's Program is designed for educators at all levels interested in learning more about current research and practice related to literacy learning. Coursework addresses theoretical and foundational notions of literacy as well as pedagogical application of research and theory. Each course is taught exclusively online by literacy research faculty. Students have opportunities to engage in coursework with peers and professors using various technological tools. 

Our master's degree allows students to gain an endorsement in literacy from the State of Nevada that is attached to their teaching license. The majority of students in our program are licensed teachers. Each graduate class is built on the assumption that students in the online program courses are educators. We do accept students who have degrees or work in areas related to education such as speech therapy or library science. Our courses assume a foundational knowledge of teaching and student learning. We recommend that students fulfill the necessary requirements to gain a teaching license and then apply for our master's program. Literacy graduate courses may be taken without applying to the master's program. If you are interested in taking graduate courses in our program without applying for admission, please complete an application for graduate special status at the link below:

 Special Requirement Categories   

Graduate Special

The graduate special classification is for students who have earned a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution and who wish to take graduate courses but do not plan to pursue a program leading to an advanced degree, or for applicants who do not meet the requirements for admission to regular graduate standing. Admission to graduate special status does not constitute admission to graduate standing in the graduate school. With graduate special classification, a student may enroll for undergraduate or graduate credit and may satisfy the teacher certificate requirements. Although there is no limit to the number of credits that may be earned as a graduate special student, a maximum of 9 semester credits may be applied toward a program of study. Graduate Special students are not eligible for financial aid, including student loans. All graduate special students are governed by university regulations, including academic warning and probation, and are encouraged to seek official admission at the earliest possible date.   Download the Graduate Special Application Here   

Applying Graduate Special Credits to a Degree

One does not need to "transfer" courses taken as a graduate special or courses taken as part of a previous degree at University of Nevada, Reno. Students who took courses intended for their degree as a Graduate Special student may apply 9 Graduate Special credits towards their degree program. Any application of credits in excess of 9 credits requires an exception to policy to be requested by your Graduate Program Director. Contact the Graduate School if you have any questions or confusion regarding what can or cannot be applied towards your degree.   Download Graduate Credit Transfer Evaluation Request Form

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