Student Achievement - Sigma Delta Pi
Sigma Delta Pi

Sociedad Nacional Honoraria Hispánica

(National Collegiate Hispanic Honor Society)

Zeta Omicron Chapter

"Spanías Didagéi Proágomen"

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Casilde Isabelli

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Beatriz Robinson

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The Department of World Languages and Literatures' Spanish Section is proud to be a member of Sigma Delta Pi, the National Spanish Honor Society. Sigma Delta Pi was founded November 14, 1919, at the University of California (Berkeley). Sigma Delta Pi recognizes excellence in the study of the Spanish language, civilization, and literature. Our chapter Zeta Omicron was chartered in 1977, went inactive, but was activated again in 2012. There are now over 550 chapters.


� To honor those who seek and attain excellence in the study of the Spanish language and in the study of the literature and the culture of the Spanish speaking peoples.

� To honor those who have made Hispanic contributions to modern culture better known in the English-speaking world.

� To encourage college and university students to acquire a greater interest in, and a deeper understanding of Hispanic  culture.

� To foster friendly relations and mutual respect between the nations of Hispanic speech and those of English speech.

� To serve its membership in ways which will contribute to the attainment of the goals and ideals of the society.

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SPRING 2017 - Initiation Ceremony

Spring 2016 Initiation Ceremony

Graduate Neophytes: Virginia Allen

Undergraduate Neophytes: Kelsey Baer, Noah Caldwell, Kaitlin Comfort, Angela Crawford, Keely Eshenbaugh, Cecilia Ismari, Stephanie Lescana, Lorena Montes, Shelby Pauletto, Diana Segura Gradilla, Rebecca Soto, Salma Valadez-Marquez

Honorary Members: Ryan Smith (Reno Community, WCSD), Dr. Elizabeth Villalobos (UNR)

WLL Faculty: Darren Griswold, Dr. Mar Inestrillas, Dr. Casilde Isabelli, Dr.Nelson Rojas, Dr. Beatriz Robinson

Student Officers: Phoebe Argon, Sandy Pankhurst, Tony Leman

SPRING 2016 - Initiation Ceremony

Spring 2016 Initiation Ceremony

Graduate Neophytes: Rachel Breithaupt

Undergraduate Neophytes: Yara Altamirano, Raghavi Anand, Phoebe Argon, Kendall Barnett, Gemma Beltran, Blanca Bonazzi Bonaca, Rebecca Broadus, Jana Larice Burd, Emily Elise Carr, Cynthia S. Ch�vez, Nayla Garc�a, Edith C. Gon�lez, Anna Hart, Roc�o Hern�ndez-Z�rate, AnnaMarie Heydon, Ashlee A. Lee, Jennyfer A. Llamas, Morgan McClary, Lorna C. Parkhurst, Joe P�rez Alarc�n, Jessie Lorena Porath, Jessica Roberts, Rochelle Seymour, Dora Valencia, Natalie Van Hoozer, Juan Diego Zaraz�a

Honorary Members: Ryan Adams (Reno Community), Dr. Michelle Wilson (UNR)

WLL Faculty: Darren Griswold, Dr. Mar Inestrillas,  Dr. Casilde Isabelli, Dr. Jaime Lea�os, Kathy Leonard, Dr. Darrell Lockhart (CLA Associate Dean), Dr. Beatriz Robinson

SPRING 2015 - Initiation Ceremony

Spring 2015 Initiation Ceremony

Graduate Neophytes: Mar�a Aguilar, Jessica Cunningham, Brady Rupp, Adolfo Salda�a

Undergraduate Neophytes: Alaina Gibbons, Kelsey Harriman, Faatihah Hasan, Sonia Hern�ndez, Stacie Jackson,  Megan Karsok, Lauren Kilpatrick, Katharine Kirmse, Katie Kirse, Chelsea McLean, Lorena Montes, Micah Nauck, Aimee Neubert, Diana Pedraza, Jessica Reza, Ryan Roberts, Beatriz G. Robinson

Honorary Members: Darren Griswold (UNR), Mario de la Rosa (Reno Community)

Faculty: Dr. Mar Inestrillas, Dr. Beatriz Robinson, Kathy Leonard, Dr. Darrell Lockhart (Associate Dean)

SPRING 2014 Initiation Ceremony

Spring 2014 Initation Ceremony

Graduate Neophytes:
Fabiola Farías-Sánchez, Ana Luisa Gallegos Escamilla, Catalina Goralski, Andrea Noemí Linardi de Minten, Jacob Neely, Claudia P. Ortiz, Ariana Rodríguez-Huichapa

Undergraduate Neophytes: Joseph Abittan, Juliana Bledsoe, Carmen Amalia Chávez Torres, Christopher Gomez, Rebecca Hebert, Monica Kelly, Christine Lauer, Anthony Lee Jr. Leman Lozano, Hannah McMahon, Crystal Anne Powell, Jazmin Zuniga-Perez

Honorary Members: Kathy Leonard, Bertha Miranda
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Casilde A. Isabelli
Faculty Sponsors: Dr. Beatriz Robinson, Dr. Mar Inestrillas, Dr. Darrell Lockhart, Dean Heather Hardy
Ritual Readers (SDP members): Shelby Grauberger, Hannah Nystrom, Colt Williams

SPRING 2013 Initiation Ceremony

Spring 2013 Initiation Ceremony

Undergraduate Neophytes: Cinthya Barajas, Mariela Castro, Gladys Cresp�n,� Micah Gill, Shelby Grauberger, Mitchell Gover, Steven Hammonds, Nicole Hidaglo, Argent �lvarez Maloof, Allana C. Noyes, Hannah Nystrom, Jennice Isabela Rodr�guez Delgado, Bradely Pearce, Ver�nica Cristina Rodr�guez, Jeannette Salas, Athal�a Torres-Manzano, Ashley J. Walker, Timothy Yu

Graduate Neophytes:
Annie Marie Price, Nagore Sedano Naveira.

Honorary Member: Dr. Mar Inestrillas�
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Casilde A. Isabelli
Ritual Readers/Faculty Sponsors: Dr. Beatriz Robinson, Dr. Darrell Lockhart, Dr. Nelson Rojas.

FALL 2012 Initiation Ceremony

Fall 2012 Initation Ceremony

Neophytes: Jocelyn Allen, Gabriela Brochu*, Tony Castañeda, Emma Crossman, Richie Hernandez, Janelle Kaufer, Erin Lee, Lizeth Lizarraga, Justin Lopez, Andrew Rasor*, Annie Schiffmacher, Colt Williams, Zulema Zamudio. *=Graduate Student

Honorary Member: Dr. Beatriz Robinson
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Casilde A. Isabelli
Ritual Readers/Faculty Sponsors: Dr. Darrell Lockhart and Dr. Jaime Leaños.