Department of Theatre & Dance



Audition Notice


The Museum Plays



A Student-Directed Production


Performances:           April 18, 19 @ 7:30 April 20 @1:30

Rehearsal:                  Will be determined by each individual director after cast lists are posted; tech rehearsals will be April 15-17 @ 6-11pm


* This show will consist of eight separate and short plays that will be directed by students of the Theatre and Dance Department of UNR.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact Rob Gander @



Please initial under your name to accept role on the CALL BOARD

Photographs From S-21

Director: Scott D.

Male: Chris R.

Female: Megan A.


Love and Yearning in the Not-For-Profits

Director: Breana E.

Mitchell: Canaan P.

Cordelia: Meghan G.


Divulgence at Damarak

Director: Charles K.

Ruth: Tara B.

Eleanor: Menka W.


Art for Art's Sake

Director: Megan K.

Allison: Theresa W.

Arthur: Erik G.

MuseumGoer1: Wesley M.

MuseumGoer2: Canaan P.

MuseumGoer3: Menka W.


Two Jewish Men in their Seventies

Director: Haley F.

Jake: Canaan P

Sam: Wesley M.



Director: Nicole D.

Amy: Meghan G.

Ozzie: Richard M.

Simon: Mike F.



Director: Jasmine J.

Doug: Wesley M.

Phil: Justin T.

Robin: Jonathan R.

Ross: Erik G.

Don: Trenton J.

Jean: Menka W.

June: Tara B.

Graham: Chris R.

Art Student: Megan A.



Director: Kara G.

Jane: Helena I.

Frank: Mike F.

Prehistoric Man: Brandon M.

Prehistoric Woman: Lizzie M.