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Research interests

Mauricio Alvarez

Intergroup relations, legal psychology, political psychology and decision making

Megan Armstrong

Psychology and Law

Greg Asch

Cultural identity, political psychology, intergroup relations, quantitative methods

Randal D. Brown

Sexual risk-taking behaviors, communication within intimate relationships, and issues of gender and sexual orientation.

Julie Chomos

Psychology and Law - Primarily interested in decision making processes

Jordan D. Clark

Social Cognition and quantitative psychology

Marisa Crowder

Cultural Psychology and emotion

Laura Davidson

K-12 education, cultural identification and its effect on
behavior, research methods, adolescent social and
academic development

Bret Davis

Physical Attraction, Relationship Initiation, Relationship Commitment, Sexual Attitudes, Gender Roles, and Attitude Function

Alicia DeVault

Psychology and the Law; jury decision making, in-group/out-group bias

Michael J. Doane

Social Psychology of Religion, Religion and Well-being/Health, Secular Identities, and Close Relationships

Ryan Erhart

Intergroup relations and group dynamics, stereotyping and prejudices, culture, immigration, and intersection of qualitative and quantitative methodology

Aubrey Etopio

College health behaviors, health decision making, health communication, soical structure and psychological distress, women's health, campus safety, bystander intervention, and violence prevention

Zebbedia G. Gibb

Attitude change, attitude transmission, continuation and effect of group norms on individual behavior/attitudes, cyberbulling and cyber aggressive behaviors in college

Kimberly Greenman

Effects of Budgeting, Micro Loans in Developing Countries, Education

Ann E. Jones

Religion, self, identity, and sexual behavior, statistics and research design.

Michael Kwiatkowski

Deception, suspicion, communication, conflict, Internet

Barbara Larsen

Multi-method research approaches: The intersection of
qualitative and quantitative methods. Development of applied
research. Trauma, Terrorism, Genocide, Conflict Resolution,
Human Rights, Health and Justice

Brian Lee

Law and Religion, Social Justice, Self-Control, Psychological factors pertaining to recidivism

Val Lykes

The influence religion has on politic, the environment, health and aging.

Pete Martini

Social psychology of education; political psychology; identity (race, gender, sexuality)

Lisa Maletsky

Intersection of social psychology and health; health policy agendas/framing; strategic planning and evaluation of programs; and health disparities

Christine McDermott

Psychology and Law

Aaron McVean

Culture, inter-group relations, social cognition, social identity,
social inequality

Dara E. Naphan

Transition experiences for military veterans and attitudes toward military personnel, gender stereotypes, stereotype threat, women and STEM fields

Kevin Kiwon Park

Eyewitness memory, deception detection, sexual/partner/and domestic violence

Joshua Padilla

Social identity, attitude change

Lindsay Perez

Psychology and Law, Jury Decision-Making, and Immigration Issues (related to social justice)

Janice Russell

Education Psychology

Rosie Shrout

Romantic relationships, health and well-being, the social psychology of public health and policy

Lorie Sicafuse

Psychology and Law, juvenile justice, gender, health psychology

Theresea B. Skaar

Gerontology, health behaviors, end of life issues

Rebecca Thomas

Law, Deviance, Gender

J.Guillermo Villalobos

Psychology and law, language, communication and decision making, social justice

Emily Wood

Psychology and Law; jury decision making, prejudice, injustice in the legal system

Logan Yelderman

Intersection of social psychology, the law, and religion



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