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Mary Stewart, Ph.D.

Dept. of Sociology

Ph.D. in Social Psychology, University of Nevada

M.A., Temple University

B.A., University of Nevada

Mary Stewart joined the faculty at UNR in 1987, after spending fourteen years at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. Her major areas of research and teaching interest are social deviance, family, family violence and gender, all informed by a social psychological perspective. During the first several years after taking her Ph.D., she had an opportunity to develop courses in what was then the emerging field of women's studies. She developed the Women's Studies minor at UMKC and directed that program for several years, offering a number of courses on women's lives, including courses on motherhood, birth, and violence against women. After coming to UNR, her continuing interest in feminism and women's lives encouraged research in the area of rape, battery, and breast implants, leading to a number presentations and grant proposals for further study. She is currently working in the area of breast implant litigation with a focus on issues of evidence, corporate crime and violence against women.

Recent and Current Publications (Selected Examples):

Silicone Spills: Breast Implants on Trial. (1998) Prager Press.

"A Study of Shared Definitions of Reality in Rape Cases," (1996) Stewart, Dobbin, and Gatowski, Feminist Legal Studies, Kent Law School.

"The Health Care needs of Homeless Nevadans: Is the Health Care the Answer?" Nevada Public Affairs Review, Winter, University of Nevada, 1994.

"Images of Women in Advertising in Vogue, 1945-1990," in Images of Women in the Arts and Mass Media, Mellen, 1993.

Gender Bias in Sexual Assault Cases: A Study of the Nevada Justice System, Stewart and Storman, Supreme Court of the State of Nevada, 1992.

Contact Information:

You can e-mail Dr. Stewart at mwstewart@unr.edu

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