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Yvonne Stedham, Ph.D.

Professor, Managerial Sciences Department

Ph.D. in Business Administration, University of Kansas , Lawrence

M.B.A., University of Kansas, Lawrence


Selected publications:

Westerman, J., Beekun, R., Stedham, Y., and Yamamura, J. (Conditionally Accepted 2006) Peers

versus National Culture: An Empirical Analysis of Antecedents to Ethical Decision Making. Journal of Business Ethics

Stedham, Y., Beekun , R.I. , and Yamamura, J. (2006) Gender Differences in Business Ethics: Justice and Relativism. Busines Ethics: A European Review. In press.

Raab, G., Stedham, Y., and Neuner, M. (2006) Entrepreneurial Potential: An Exploratory Study of Graduate Business Students in the U.S. and Germany . Journal of Business and Management. In press.

Stedham, Y.,Yamamura, J., and Satoh, M. (2005) Gender and Salary: A Study of Accountants in Japan . Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resource Management

Stedham, Y. and Yamamura, J. (2004) Measuring National Culture: Does gender matter? Women in Management Review, Vol. 19, No.5

Yamamura, J., Stedham, Y., and Satoh, M. (2004) An Examination of Job Satisfaction of Accountants in Japan : The Relevance of Organizational Factors. International Journal of Accounting, Auditing, and Performance Measures, Vol. 1, No. 1

Stedham, Y. (2004) “International Compensation” in Cartwright, S. (Editor) The Blackwell Encyclopedic Dictionary of Human Resource Management ,Second Edition, Oxford , England : Blackwell Publishing Ltd.

Beekun, R.I, Stedham, Y., Yamamura, J, and Barghouti, J.A. (2003) Comparing Business Ethics in Russia and the U.S. International Journal of Human Resource Management

Beekun, R., Stedham, Y., and Yamamura, J. (2002) Business Ethics in Brazil and the U.S. : Egoism and Utilitarianism. Journal of Business Ethics Vol. 14, No. 8: 1333-1349

Stedham, Y, Yamamura, J, Taylor , DW, and Nelson, M (2002) Organizational Factors and Dimensions of Satisfaction: A Comparative Study of Accountants in Australia and the US . Australian Accounting Review

Taylor, DW, Yamamura, J, Stedham Y, and Nelson, M. (2001) Managing Knowledge Workers in Accounting Firms: The Role of Nutrient Information and Organisational Information Consciousness.” Journal of Knowledge Management Practice, 2, July

Engle, A. Mendenhall, M., Powers, R., and Stedham, Y. (2001) Conceptualizing the global competency cube: a transnational model of human resource. Journal of European Industrial Training, Vol. 25, 6: 346-358 (Authors are listed in alphabetical order)

Stedham, Y. and Yamamura, J. (2000) Gender and Salary: A Comparative Study of Accountants in the U.S. and Australia . Asia Pacific Journal of Human Resources , Vol. 38, 3: 104-116

Young, G., Stedham, Y, and Beekun, R. (2000). Boards of Directors and the Adoption of a CEO Performance Evaluation Process: Agency- and Institutional Theory Perspectives. Journal of Management Studies, Vol. 37, 2: 277-295

Contact Dr. Stedham at ystedham@unr.edu

Click here to visit her webpage.

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