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James T. Richardson, Ph.D., J.D.

Director, Grant Sawyer Center for
Justice Studies

Director, Judicial Studies Program

Professor of Sociology and
Judicial Studies

J.D., Nevada School of Law

Ph.D. in Sociology, Washington
State University

B.A., M.A., Texas Tech University


A. Courses and Research Areas:

" Social Psychology and Sociology of Law
" Litigation Research, focusing on juries and judges
" Social and Behavioral Science Evidence
" Social Movements and Collective Behavior
" Sociology of Religion and New Religious Movements
" Law and Religion

B. Applied Areas:

" Consult on legal cases involving religious groups and social/behavioral science evidence.

Recent and Current Publications (selected examples):

Dahir, V. B., Richardson, J.T., Ginsburg, G. P., Gatowski, S. I., Dobbin, S. A., & Merlino, M. L. (2005). Judicial application of Daubert to Psychological syndrome and profile evidence. Psychology, Public Policy, and the Law, 11, 62-82.

Edelman, B., & Richardson, J. T. (2005). Imposed limitations on freedom of religion in China and the margin of appreciation doctrine. Journal of Church and State, 47, 243-267.

Richardson, J. T. (2004). Regulating religion: Case studies from around the globe. New York: Kluwer.

Beckford, J. A. & Richardson, J. T. (2003). Challenging religion: Essays in honour of Eileen Barker. New York: Taylor & Francis.

Edelman, B. C. & Richardson, J.T. (2003). Falun Gong and the law: Development of legal social control in China. Nova Religio, 6, 294-311.

Dobbin, S. A., Gatowski, S.I., Richardson, J.T., Ginsburg, G.P., Merlino, M.L., & Dahir, V. (2002). Applying Daubert: How well do judges understand science and scientific method? Judicature, 85, 244-247.

Dobbin, S.A., Gatowski, S.I., Ginsburg, G.P., Merlino, M.L., Dahir, V., & Richardson, J.T. (2001). Surveying difficult populations: Lessons learned from a national survey of state trial court judges. Justice System Journal, 22(3), 287-314.

Richardson, J. T. (2001). Public policy toward minority religions in the United States: A model for Europe? In P. Nesbitt (Ed.), Religion and Public Policy. New York: Alta Mira.

Richardson, J. T. & Introvigne, M. (2001). ‘Brainwashing' theories in European Parliamentary and Administrative reports on 'cults and sects’. Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, 40, 143-168.

Richardson, J. T. (2000). Discretion and discrimination in legal cases involving controversial religious groups and allegations of ritual abuse. In R. Ahdar (Ed.), Law and Religion. Aldershot, UK. Ashgate.

Richardson, J. T. & Shterin, M. (2000). Effects of the western anti-cult movement on development of laws concerning religion in post-Communist Russia. Journal of Church and State, 42, 247-272.

Richardson, J. T. (2000). Social Control and Minority Faiths and Religious Freedom in Israel. Religion, Staat, Gesellschaft, 1, 23-40.

Richardson, J. T., Ginsburg, G.P., Gatowski, S.I., & Dobbin, S. A. (1995). Problems of Applying Daubert to Psychological Syndrome Evidence. Judicature, 79, 10-16.

Richardson, J. T. (1995). Manufacturing consent about Koresh: The role of the media in the Waco tragedy. S. Wright (Ed.), Armageddon in Waco. Chicago, IL: Univ. of Chicago Press.

Richardson, J. T. & DeWitt, J. (1992). Christian Science spiritual healing, public opinion, and the law. Journal of Church and State, 34, 549-562.

Richardson, J. T., Best, J. & Bomley, D. (1991). The Satanism Scare. New York, NY: Aldine.

Contact Info:

You can e-mail Dr. Richardson at jtr@unr.edu

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