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Laurie Larwood, Ph.D.

* Professor Emerita, Dept. of Managerial Sciences

Ph.D., M.S.,Tulane University

M.B.A., University of California

B.A., University of Rochester

Member of editorial boards of Sex Roles, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Group and Organization Management, Journal of Vocational Behavior.

My interests are in the development and application of social psychological theory regarding organizations and the management process. Areas of specific interest include:

Strategic vision and leadership: How do executives develop iconic notions of where their organization is headed, and how do they go about implementing these visions?

Women in management and discrimination: How and why does discrimination take place and what can be done about it; how does the career development process function within the organizational setting?

Organizational ethics: How can we develop an overall conception of the practice of ethics vs. misbehavior within the organizational setting?

Technological development: How can we predict, ensure or increase the acceptance of new technologies in the organization?

Self-concept and self-identification: How do people go about identifying themselves in terms of their organization and their organization's roles?

Recent and Current Publications (selected examples):

Larwood, L., & Gattiker, U. E. 1999. Practical value: Closing the gap between academic research and practice. Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Larwood, L., Falbe, C., Kriger, M., & Miesing, P. 1995. An empirical study of the structure and meaning of organizational vision. Academy of Management Journal,38:740-769.

Larwood, L. 1991. Start with a rational group of people...Gender effects of impression management in organizations. In R. A. Giacalone & P. Rosenfeld (Eds.), Applied impression management: How image-making affects managerial decisions,177-194. Newbury Park, CA: Sage.

Trentham, S., & Larwood, L. 1998. Gender discrimination and the workplace: An examination of rational bias theory. Sex Roles, 38: 1-28.

Larwood, L., Wright, T. A., Desrochers, S., & Dahir, V. 1998. Extending latent role and psychological contract theories to predict intent to turnover and politics in business organizations. Group and Organization Management. 23: 100-123.

Larwood, L., & Ruben, K., Popoff, C., & Judson, D. 1997. Aging, retirement and interest in technological retraining: Predicting personal investment and withdrawal. Journal of High Technology Management Research, 8: 277-300.

Contact Info:

You can e-mail Dr. Larwood at llarwood@aol.com
available by appointment only

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