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Gwen Hullman, Ph.D.


Assistant Professor, Speech Communication and Interdisciplinary PhD Program in Social

PhD, Kent State University, Communication Studies

MACTM (Master of Applied Communication Theory and Methodology), Cleveland State University

BA, Ohio State University, Communication

I joined the UNR faculty in 2004. My research program explores how message structure and communication motivation influence communication competence in interpersonal and mediated contexts. Based on this goal, I have concentrated my studies in methodological issues related to measuring communication competence and motivation, the use of varied message structure in health-related communication events and campaigns, and the impact of varied message structure on request message compliance.

My recent work pursues research in the area of interpersonal communication. Specifically, I examine how conversational goals in a variety of settings influence the outcome of the conversation. Goal formation and goal fulfillment have been applied to a variety of areas in my research, including social influence, communication motivation, conflict, request messages, and mediation.

Selected publications:

Hullman, G. A., Planisek, A., McNally, J., & Rubin, R. B. (in press). Competence, personality, and self-efficacy: Their relationships in an undergraduate course. Atlantic Journal of Communication.

Hullman, G. A., Seibert, S., Arias, A., & Miller, J. (2008). Second request messages: Changes in structure, goals, and characteristics. Journal of Communication Studies, 2, 169-185.

Hullman, G. A. (2008). Antecedents to the third-person perceptual effect. Northwest Communication Association Journal, 52-77.

Hullman, G. A., & Daily, M. (2008). Evaluating physician communication competence scales: A replication and extension. Communication Research Reports, 25, 316-322.

Hullman, G. A. (2007). The Communicative Adaptability Scale: Exploring its use as an other-report measure. Communication Reports, 20, 1-23.

Lin, C. A., & Hullman, G. A. (2005). Tobacco prevention messages online: Social marketing via the Web. Health Communication, 18, 177-195.

Rubin, A. M., Haridakis, P. M., Hullman, G. A., Sun, S., Chikombero, P., & Pornsakulvanich, V. Television exposure not predictive of terrorism fear (2005). In E. K. Grusin & S. H. Utt (Eds.), Media in an American Crisis: Studies of September 11, 2001 (pp. 191-206). New York: University Press of America. (Reprinted from Newspaper Research Journal, 24 (1) 128-225).

Hullman, G. A. (2004). Interpersonal communication motives and message design logic: Exploring their interaction in perceptions of competence. Communication Monographs, 71, 208-225.

Contact Dr. Hullman at gwenh@unr.edu

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