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Melissa Burnham, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Human Development and Family Studies and Early Childhood Education

Ph.D. In Human Development, 2002, University of California, Davis

M.S. In Human Development & Family Studies, 1996, University of Nevada, Reno

B.S. In Human Development & Family Studies, 1994, University of Nevada, Reno


Examining infant and child development in context; specifically, infant and child sleep development, the impact of quality early care and education on development; preK-third education reform

Selected Publications:

Walsh, B. A., Burnham, M. M., Pasley, C., & Maitoza, R. B. (submitted). Explicit reference to theory: A content analysis of two prominent human development journals. Submitted to Family Science Review.

Burnham, M. M. (in press). Co-sleeping and self-soothing issues during infancy. In A. Wolfson & H. Montgomery-Downs (Eds.), The Oxford handbook of infant, child, and adolescent sleep. New York: Oxford University Press.

Burnham, M. M. (2012). Sleep in early development. In D. Barrett& P. McNamara (Eds.), Encyclopedia of
sleep and dreams. Santa Barbara, CA: Greenwood Publishers.

Mortensen, J., & Burnham, M. M. (2012). Preschool children¹s understanding of the graphic features of writing. Child Studies in Diverse Contexts, 2(1), 45-60.

Burnham, M. M., & Gaylor, E. E. (2011). Sleep environments of young children in post-industrial societies. In M. El-Sheikh (Ed.), Sleep and development: Familial and socio-cultural considerations. New York: Oxford University Press.

Burnham, M. M., & Conte, C. (2010). Developmental perspective: Dreaming across the lifespan and what this tells us. In A. Clow & P. McNamara (Eds.), International Review of Neurobiology: Vol. 92. Dreams and dreaming (pp. 47-68). New York: Elsevier.

Owens, J. & Burnham, M. M. (2009). Sleep disorders. In C. Zeanah (Ed.), Handbook of infant mental health (pp. 362-376). New York: Guilford.

Essa, E. L., Bennett, P., Burnham, M. M., Martin, S. S., Bingham, A., & Allred, K. (2008). Do variables associated with quality child care programs predict the inclusion of children with disabilities? Topics in Early Childhood Special Education, 28(3), 171-180.

Burnham, M. M. & Gaylor, E. E. (2008). Behavioral sleep disorders in infants and toddlers. In A. Ivanenko (Ed.), Sleep and psychiatric disorders in children and adolescents (pp. 23-35). New York: Informa.

Burnham, M. M. (2007). The ontogeny of diurnal rhythmicity in bed-sharing and solitary-sleeping infants: A preliminary report. Infant & Child Development. 16, 341-357.

Suzuki, Y., Seugnet, L., Thimgan, M., Thacher, P. V., Burnham, M. M., & Shaw, P. (2012). Identifying genes that confer resilience/vulnerability to sleep disruption in drosophila. Sleep, 35 (Abstract Suppl.), A12.

Burnham, M. M., Kranovich, S., Bruck, D., & Beebe, D. W. (2012). Expectation vs. reality: An examination of adolescents¹ accuracy at predicting mood changes under sleep restriction. Sleep, 35 (Abstract Suppl.), A359-360.

Burnham, M. M., Gaylor, E. E., & Wei, X. (2011). Associations between nap duration and observed childcare quality using data from the Early Childhood Longitudinal Study-Birth Cohort. Sleep, 34 (Abstract Suppl.), A287.


Essa, E. L., & Burnham, M. M. (Eds.) (2009). Informing our practice: Useful research on young children¹s development. Washington, DC: National Association for the Education of Young Children.

Burnham, M. & Lawler, J. (2006). The complete idiot¹s guide to sleep training for your child. New
York: Penguin.

Where you can find me:
By email: mburnham@unr.edu
By phone: 775-784-7012
Office: WRB 3031

University of Nevada, Reno
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