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Our faculty is comprised of individuals from many different departments, with a wide variety of specialties and areas of interest.

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Research interests

Melissa Burnham

Examining infant and child development in context;
specifically, infant and child sleep development, characteristics of children in different child care settings, and the impact of quality early care and education on development.

Daniel Cook

Politics of science and research integrity, health and saftey regulation, policy process, qualitative methods

Deborah Davis

Psychology and law, social psychology of aging, attachment and relationship behaviors

Paul Devereux

Health and well-being; specifically, social support and emotion

Marta Elliott

Health, mental illness

Mariah Evans

Social statistics, survey design and methods, culture (especially the social psychology of biotechnologies) social stratification, comparative methods and demography

William Evans

Adolescent risk, resiliency, and developmental issues;
specific focus on youth violence and suicide
Justin Hepler Motivational constructs such as attitudes, emotions, goals, and personality, self-control processes relating these constructs to judgments and behaviors utilizing diverse methods including 'big data', neuroimaging, self-reports and experiments
Gwen Hullman

Researches interpersonal communication, examining how conversational goals in a variety of settings influence the outcome of conversation; application of goal formaton and goal fullfillment to social influence, communication motivation, conflict, request messages, and mediation among others.

Markus Kemmelmeier

Culture, intergroup relations, social judgment, group
dynamics, social issues, political psychology

Monica Miller

Social psychology and law: jury decision making; the role of
religion in the trial process; legal regulation of sex, procreation
and family; how social cognitive processes affect community
sentiment; courtroom stress; victim decision making;
Psychology of Amber Alert

Colleen Murray

Integration of social psychology of justice/law and health; integration of social psychology of justice/law and the developmental social psychology of adolescence; media reporting of mass tragedies; culture and gender; grief and loss in families and adolescents; mixed-status immigrant families; intimate relationships; theory construction and research methodologies

Anthony Papa Identifying risk and resilience factors that promote adjustment after the experience of bereavement and psychological trauma, how events effect emotional expression and regulation, ability to enact self-defining roles in identity maintenance and disruption and subsequent post-event adjustment

Clayton Peoples

Social class/stratification, politics/law, and ethnic
conflict/relations; social structure and personality, power/social
influence, and distributive justice; social network analysis. My
recent and current research projects have examined the impact
of class and values on voting behavior; social influence on
decision making in the political sphere (legislative decisions,
jury decisions); and the impact of discrimination/remediation on
global ethnic conflict

James Richardson

Social Psychology and Sociology of Law: Litigation Research,
focusing on juries and judges, Social and Behavioral Science
Evidence, Social Movements and Collective Behavior, Sociology
of Religion and New Religious Movements, Law and Religion

Yvonne Stedham

organizations and business ethics, with special
attention to gender and cultural contexts
social deviance, family, family violence and gender

Judith Sugar

life-span health, aging, research methodology, and higher
education issues

Daniel Weigel

Interpersonal relationships and communication; family
relationships; early literacy development of young children


Adjunct faculty These faculty on serve on committees or as Second Year Project Advisors

Roni Dahir - Associate Director, Center for Research Design and Analysis


Sophie Gatowski - Director, Systems Change Solutions, Inc.


Paul La Marca - Chief School Performance Officer Washoe County School District

Shawn Marsh - Chief Program Officer Juvenile Law smarsh@ncjfcj.org

Mera Merlino

Alicia Summers - Program Director Research and Evaluation asummers@ncjfcj.org


Emeritus/a faculty
*not currently accepting advisees

Research interests

Deborah Ballard-Reisch

Marital commitment, relationship maintenance and marital
satisfaction; families coping with cancer, client/provider
interaction in health, women's health in Russia, perceptions of
femininity and masculinity; narrative theory and the social

Ronald Dillehay

Social psychology and law; attitude structure, function and
change; authoritarianism

Gerald Ginsburg

Social Psychophysiology, emotion, science and the law

Laurie Larwood

development and application of social psychological theory
regarding organizations and the management process


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