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Paul Devereux, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, School of Community Health Sciences

Ph.D. in Social Psychology, University of
Nevada, Reno

Master of Public Health, Community Health Education, San Jose State University

B.S. Psychology/Biology, Northern
Arizona University

Current Research:

My scholarship areas explore social psychological influences on health and well-being. Specifically, I study social support and emotion regulation. The link between social support and health is well established and my work in social support has addressed the distinctions among support types and how to maintain support from others. In emotion, I have examined the psychophysiology of laughter and the influence of disclosure of emotion on cardiovascular functioning, social support, and health care use. I study these topics in diverse populations such as older adults, people with disabilities, incarcerated populations, and both non-parenting and parenting adolescents. My community-based applied research has addressed HIV/AIDS and currently, I am conducting a community-based participatory research study with UNR’s medical school, the Nevada Cancer Institute and the Nevada Colon Cancer Partnership to examine a social support intervention addressing factors associated with colon cancer screening.


Selected Publications:

Heffner, K., Devereux, P.G., Ng, H.M., & Borchardt, A.R. (2013). Older Adults’ Hemodynamic Responses to an Acute Emotional Stressor: Short Report. Experimental Aging Research, 39(2), 162-178.

Devereux, P.G. & Bullock, C. (2011). Disability content in social and behavioral dimensions of health. In D.J. Lollar & E.M. Anderson (Ed.), Public Health Perspectives on Disability: Epidemiology to ethics and beyond (pp. 55-79). Springer Publisher.

Devereux, P.G., Weigel, D., Ballard-Reisch, D., Leigh, G. & Cahoon, K. (2009). Comparing temporal effects of social support on stress in parenting and nonparenting female adolescents. Child & Adolescent Social Work Journal.

Devereux, P.G., Clements-Nolle, K. D., Clodfelter, S., Bargmann-Losche, J., Feroro, M., & Yang, W. (2007). HIV-Positive Inmates Released from Nevada's Prisons in 2001: Results from Matching Health Division and Corrections Databases. Journal of the Nevada Public Health Association, 4, 1-16.

Devereux, P.G., & Heffner, K. (2007). Psychophysiological Approaches to the Study of Laughter: Towards an Integration with Positive Psychology. In A. D. Ong & M. Van Dulmen (Eds.). Handbook of Methods in Positive Psychology (pp. 223-249). Oxford Publisher.

Devereux, P.G., Bullock, C.C., Bargmann, J & Kyriakou, M. (2005). Maintaining Support in People with Paralysis in the United States: What works? Qualitative Health Research, 15(10).

Devereux, P.G., Whitley, R., & Ragavan, A. (2002). Discharge planning for male inmates with HIV: Can it help increase adherence to medical treatment and lower recidivism? Corrections Today, 64(6), pp. 127-129.

Spoon M., Devereux P.G., Benedict J., Leontos C., Constantino N., Christy D., & Snow G. (2002). Usefulness of the Food Habits Questionnaire in a Worksite Setting. Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, 34, pp. 268-272.

Devereux, P.G., & Ginsburg, G.P. (2001). Sociality effects on the production of laughter. Journal of General Psychology, 128(2), 227-240.

Weigel, D., Devereux, P.G., Leigh, G.K., & Ballard-Reisch, D. (1998). A longitudinal study of adolescents’ perceptions of support and stress: Stability and change. Journal of Adolescent Research, 13(2), 158-177.

Contact Info:

You can e-mail Dr. Devereux at devereux@unr.edu


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