Department of Sociology at the University of Nevada

About the Sociology Department at the University of Nevada, Reno
Mission Statement:

The Department of Sociology is committed to excellence in teaching, research and service in the best tradition of a liberal arts education. The Department prides itself in providing a quality education to its majors, minors, and graduate students. It is also committed to serving the larger university community by participation in such programs as the Core Curriculum. Consistent with this mission are the following objectives:

1. Development of critical/analytical thinking: The sociological perspective is inherently critical. It demands of its practitioners that they analyze a complex set of specially relevant issues that are central to an understanding of society and social structures.
2. Rigorous training in quantitative and qualitative research methods: This aims at giving our graduates a sound methodological grounding in conducting various types of sociological research. Students are expected to acquire quantitative and interpretative research skills to learn how to select and apply research methods that are suitable for a particular problem of interest.
3. Professional socialization into such values as social responsibility and service to the community: This seeks to develop in students a sense of social responsibility to the community. The vision of sociology is firmly embedded in a value system based on the principles of social justice and human well-being.
4. Creation of a critical awareness of diversity issues: The Department has been a leader in articulating diversity issues and in framing curricular offerings that allow for a critical understanding of cultural and social diversity.
5. Enhancement of written and verbal communication skills: Through participation in the Core Curriculum, the Department is able to improve communication skills of its majors.