Department of Sociology at the University of Nevada

Program guidelines for the Masters Degree in Sociology
Plan A: Thesis Plan

Students opting for the thesis plan should complete their Master's degree program requirements over a period of four semesters or less, i.e., not more than two years, and should adhere to the following schedule:

(1) Complete at least 12 credits of coursework by the end of the second semester in the program and sign up for the remaining 18 credit hours (including 6 hours of thesis credit) during the third and fourth semesters in the program;
(2) Form a thesis committee by the beginning of the third semester in the program and complete and obtain approval of the thesis proposal by the end of the third semester in the program;
(3) Write the thesis during the fourth semester and schedule an oral exam over the thesis and obtain its approval at the end of the fourth semester in the program.

To be making progress in the program and to be eligible for continued departmental funding, students must follow the above stated guidelines.