Our undergraduate program

The Sociology Department at the University of Nevada, Reno offers the Bachelor of Arts degree at the undergraduate level. Courses offered by the Sociology Department examine the development of social classes, gender roles, racial prejudices, social analysis of politics, economic structure, and the development of modern society, and a variety of other subjects relevant to the study of society.

You can see a complete list of our undergraduate courses here. To obtain an application packet and information on admission to the university at the undergraduate level, please see the Undergraduate Admissions webpage for the University of Nevada, Reno.


Major in Sociology

The sociology major includes courses in the major areas of sociology that are offered by the department.

Required Courses:
SOC 101 - Principles of Sociology
SOC 207 - Intro. to Sociological Theory
APST 207 or APST 270- Introduction to Statistical Methods
SOC 425 - Research Methods

In addition, sociology majors must take at least one three-credit course from each of the following three groups:

Group I: Social Structure and Social Change

SOC 342 - Social Stratification
SOC 345 - Social Movements and Collective Behavior
SOC 350 - Social Change
SOC 371 - Social Organization
SOC 376 - The Community
SOC 384 - Population
SOC 405 - Third World Societies
SOC 406 – Globalization and Society

Group II: Political, Legal, and Other Institutions

SOC 333 - Religion and Society
SOC 369 - Sociology of Law
SOC 373 - Political Sociology
SOC 391 - Bureaucracy & Large-Scale Organizations
SOC 393 - Industrial Sociology
SOC 457 – Society and Health
SOC 458 – Sociology of Mental Health
SOC 463 – Social Psychology of Education

Group III: Race, Gender, and Diversity

SOC 379 - Ethnic and Race Relations
SOC 409 – Gendered Violence
SOC 453 - Gender and Society
SOC 461 – White Identity, Race & Racism
SOC 464 - Conformity and Deviance
SOC 480 - The Family
SOC 483 – Family Violence
SOC 490 - Class, Race, and Gender

All sociology majors must also take three additional three-credit sociology courses as electives.

Total Credits: 30 In addition to the major, students must complete 18-21 credits in a minor. The sociology department accepts any minor approved by the College of Liberal Arts.

Minor in Sociology Students majoring in another field may minor in sociology by completing the following:

SOC 101 - Principles of Sociology
SOC 207 - Intro. to Sociological Theory

Sociology minors must also take at least one three-credit course from each of the three groups listed under the major and one additional three-credit course as elective.

Total Credits: 18

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