Undergraduate Studies

We offer undergraduate degree programs designed to provide students with the critical thinking and communication skills that will allow them to succeed after graduation.

Our curriculum provides students at all levels and in all programs an understanding of international and cross-cultural issues, as well as the creative skills to be lifelong learners who adapt and contribute to a world of continuous change.

Undergraduate education is a historic strength in the department. Our program affords students the opportunity to:

  • develop an understanding of political institutions and behavior
  • question the ends and principles of political life
  • understand the role of human agency within the nexus of society's political institutions and processes

We recognize that most University of Nevada, Reno Political Science undergraduates will not pursue professional careers in academia or government. Our curriculum develops both an understanding of politics and political life and an ability to analyze and critically evaluate political developments from both an observational and theoretical standpoint.

The Department offers its undergraduate curriculum together with its commitment to graduate education, public service and research. We are committed to the idea that research and teaching benefit each other, and that students benefit most by being linked to faculty at the cutting edge of research and public service, and that they learn as much from committed fellow students, as from faculty.