International Affairs Minors

Asian Studies

A minor in Asian Studies is offered through the College of Liberal Arts and is coordinated by the International Affairs Program. It is supported by Chinese and Japanese language instruction on campus and by Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai language instruction available through the University of Nevada, Reno's University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC) programs in China, Japan, Korea and Thailand.

Students must complete 18 Asian regional credits, consisting of two or three lower division foundational and regional survey courses and three or four upper division regional content courses as listed below. Courses taken through USAC and other approved study abroad programs may be used to complete the minor.

  1. Lower-division Foundational and Regional Survey Courses (6 to 9 credits required)
    1. Foundational Courses (0-3 credits)
      • ANTH 201—Peoples and Cultures of the World
      • IAFF 100—Global Studies PSC 211—Comparative Government and Politics
    2. Regional Survey Courses (6-9 credits)
  2. Upper-Division Regional and Regional-Content Courses (9 to 12 credits required)

Latin American Studies

An undergraduate minor in Latin American Studies is offered through the College of Liberal Arts and coordinated by the International Affairs Program. It includes study of Spanish beyond the minimum college requirement and integrates regional courses taught through six cooperating departments and programs. It also takes advantage of established University Studies Abroad Consortium programs in Chile, Costa Rica and Mexico. To complete the minor field of concentration in Latin American Studies, students must earn 20 credits* consisting of:

  1. International Affairs 
      • IAFF 100—Global Studies (3 credits)
  2. Spanish (5-8 credits)
  3. Latin American History (6-9 credits)
      • HIST 227—Introduction to Latin American History and Culture I,
      • HIST 228—Introduction to Latin American History and Culture II,
      • HIST 320—Hispanic Culture in the United States;
      • SPAN 222—Hispanic-America and Its Culture 
  4. Advanced Area Studies Options (6-9 credits) 
        • ANTH 440D—Archaeology of Ancient New World Civilizations,
        • ANTH 401A—Contemporary Latin American Society 
          GEOG 476—Latin America 
          HIST 344R—Andean Ethnohistory,
        • HIST 345R—The History of Society and Culture in Brazil,
        • HIST 347—History of Mexico,
        • HIST 439—Religion and Society in Latin America,
        • HIST 442—Women in Latin America,
        • HIST 498—Advanced Historical Studies 
        • IAFF 350—Internship 
        • PSC 407E—Political Systems of Latin America 
        • SPAN 350—Introduction to the Study of Hispanic Literature,
        • SPAN 355—Masterworks of Spanish American Literature to 1850,
        • SPAN 356—Masterworks of Spanish American Literature 1850-Present,
        • SPAN 442—Special Topics in Literary and Cultural Studies,
        • SPAN 484—Spanish-American Drama,
        • SPAN 485—Spanish-American Poetry,
        • SPAN 486—Spanish-American Novel,
        • SPAN 488—Spanish-American Short Story and Essay (6-9 credits)

*Spanish majors or minors may substitute additional Advanced Area Studies Options for language credits.