International Affairs Program

The International Affairs Program is an interdisciplinary major for undergraduate students as well as a venue for various community outreach projects.  The Program is intense, promotes a liberal arts perspective on undergraduate education, and prepares its graduates for advanced education and professional careers in an increasingly interdependent world.  The Program also serves as a central contact for activities related to international relations in the Northern Nevada Community.

Because of the diversity of options within the major, students should seek academic advising prior to enrollment each semester. An appointment can be set up by sending an email to Stacy Fisher responsible for academic advising for the program.  Prior to meeting with the advisor, students should read the Program Handbook. Students should bring a recent copy of their DARS report with them to each appointment.

While it is under the auspices of the Department of Political Science, the International Affairs Program is interdisciplinary – courses are drawn from a variety of academic disciplines to provide students many perspectives on their area of study.  This gives students flexibility in planning a curriculum that is suited to their particular interests and career goals.  Students choose approved courses from a variety of departments and are encouraged to take advantage of internship and study abroad opportunities.

Areas of study and the departments offering courses for International Affairs students include Economics, Geography, History, Political Science, foreign languages and cultures. Specialized options include:

  • Asia
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • North America
  • Diplomacy, Law, and Organization
  • International Environmental Studies
  • International Political Economy

For current information on scholarships, events, and opportunities check the International Affairs announcement boards in the hallway on the second floor in the MSS building. Scholarships, lectures, job opportunities and more are posted consistently throughout the semester.