Research and Teaching

The faculty of the Political Science Department includes 12 full-time members. Members of the faculty have published dozens of books and hundreds of articles that have appeared in every major political science journal. Various members of the faculty edit or serve on the editorial boards of major professional journals of the discipline. They have received various national and international fellowships, and have been visiting scholars at prestigious institutions.


The Political Science Department is a strong teaching department, as reflected in student and peer evaluations. Three of our faculty members are Alan Bible Teaching Excellence Award Winners (three others were finalists for this award). Three were also finalists for the university-wide Tibbits award for excellent teaching. A majority of our faculty members have participated in the Excellence in Teaching program on campus, and have availed themselves of other ways to have their teaching evaluated with an eye toward continuous pursuit of excellence in teaching. Several of our faculty members routinely participate in Continuing Education courses and seminars. The whole department contributes to our effort to make our classes available at non-traditional times so that non-traditional students and the community at large can more conveniently pursue various educational goals. Ours is one of a handful of departments in which students can fulfill many of their major requirements in the evenings or on Saturday, and this is the case for three of our five programs: the political science undergraduate degree, the M.P.A. and the Ph.D.


Our faculty have actively participated in important national and international research, teaching and service roles. These have involved cooperation with the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the United Nations, the AmeriCorps Program, the American Civil Liberties Union, Amnesty International, state and local criminal justice agencies and the Office of the Nevada Secretary of State. They are relied upon by state and national news media to lend their expertise to journalism in their areas of specialization.