Faculty by teaching field

American Government:

William Eubank
American Politics, Judicial Process, Constitutional Law, Rational Choice, Research Methods, Terrorism, Political Parties, Voting, and Elections

Stacy Gordon
American Politics, Campaign Financing, Citizen Participation, Pressure Groups, Presidency, Political Movement and Congressional Behavior

Eric Herzik
American Politics, Presidency, State and Local Politics

John Marini
American Politics, Congress, Presidency and Policy Process

Jennifer Ring
Women and Politics, Racial and Ethnic Minorities Politics, Race and Politics

Comparative Politics:

Leonard Weinberg
Political Terrorism, Radical and Right-Wing Extremism, Holocaust Studies, Western European Politics and Party Systems and Middle Eastern Politics

International Relations

Carlos Guevara Mann
Human Rights, International Relations and Latin America

Robert Ostergard
International Relations and Security policy, Comparative Politics (regional focus on Africa), International Political Economy, Civil-Military Relations, and Civil Conflict

Political Theory

John Marini
Political Philosophy, American Political Thought, Liberal Theory

Jennifer Ring
Marxism, Contemporary Political Theory, Deconstruction, American Political Thought

Public Administration and Policy

Eric Herzik
Policymaking and Administration

Derek Kauneckis
Institutional Development, Environmental Governance and Public Policy

John Marini
Public Policy

Allen Wilcox
Legislative Voting, Public Opinion and Political Attitudes, Political Ideology, Values and Behavior, and Environmental Policy

Leah Wilds
Public Policy, Environmental Politics, Western Water Policy, Global Environmental Policy