Graduate Student Profiles

RJ Boyajian, Ph.D. student, is interested in political economy and human rights in the Middle East. She serves the department as undergraduate advisor. | Curriculum Vitae

Robert BurrRobert Burr, M.A. student, is researching Iraqi political parties and their relation with the religious and ethnic cleavages in Iraq. He is the Director of the Nevada Civil War Volunteers, a non-profit living history and educational group.

Diana Jonmarie, Ph.D. student. Scholarly Interests include:  Ancient, Contemporary, and Post-Modern Political Theory/Philosophy; American Politics, legal systems and institutions; Law / judicial politics and analysis 
Diana was named Distinguished Teaching Assistant (2011-2012) for Core Humanities. | Curriculum Vitae

Trish Keesee Trish Keesee, Ph.D. student, researches American Congressional voting behavior. She is a member of the Graduate Student Association Council. | Curriculum Vitae
Walter Tovar Walter Tovar

2010-2011 Conference Presentations

Orion Cuffe traveled to four poster presentations in 2010 and also presented “Climate Policy Innovation at the Local Level” at the Graduate Climate Conference, hosted by the University of Washington in October 2010.

Michael Jacobs presented “The Internal Dynamics of BITs: A First Take” at the American Association of Behavioral and Social Sciences Conference in Las Vegas in February 2011. He will also present "An Investigation of the Internal Dynamics of Bilateral Investment Treaties: every BIT Counts” at the WPSA in San Antonio in April 2011.

Crystal Jewett presented her research on Sino-US relations at the Northwest Political Science Association conference in Spokane, Washington in October, 2010. She will present her paper “The EU, the US and China: Towards the New International Order in Energy Security” at the International Conference on EU-US-China Relations, hosted by the College of Europe, in
Bruges, Belgium, in April 2011.

Matthew Lesenyie will be presenting his research on lobbying and interest groups at the MPSA in Chicago in March 2011.

Stephanie Macgill will be presenting “Homelessness Planning Networks and Representative Bureaucracy” at the WPSA in San Antonio, Texas in April 2011.

Nathalie Rudi presented “The Logic of Terrorism” at a conference supported by the Moldo-Austrian Center and hosted by the Moldova State University in 2010.

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