Awards and Recognitions

Faculty and Staff Awards

  • The Alan Bible Teaching Excellence Award
    In 1983, Vivienne and Bill Morris, alumni of the University of Nevada, Reno, established an endowment to fund an award in honor of Nevada Senator Alan Bible, as a means of "building morale and enthusiasm among the staff in Arts and Letters." Since then, outstanding teachers in the arts, humanities, and the natural and social sciences have been honored. Many of these recipients have gone on to receive recognition as outstanding teacher of the year for the entire university.
    2012—Robert Ostergard, Political Science, runner-up
    2011—Stacy Fisher, Political Science
    Robert Ostergard, Political Science, runner-up
    2009—Robert Ostergard, Political Science, runner-up
    1998—Leah (Magennis) Wilds, Political Science
    1996—Eric Herzik, Political Science
  • F. Donald TIbbits Distinguished Teaching Award
    2012—Stacy Fisher, Political Science, runner-up
  • Graduate Academic Advisor Award
    2013—Robert Ostergard, Political Science
    2012—Robert Ostergard, Political Science
  • Outstanding Undergraduate Research Faculty Mentor
    2012—Derek Kauneckis, Political Science
  • University Foundation Professors
    Recognizing outstanding research and teaching achievements
    1996—Leonard Weinberg, Political Science
  • Dean's Award for Service (CLA)
    2012— Eric Herzik
  • College of Liberal Arts Classified Staff of the Year
    2010-2011—Kristen Kabrin
  • Classified Distinguished Employee of the Year
    2011—Kristen Kabrin
  • Fitzgerald Distinguished Professor of Core Humanities
    2013—Leah Wilds
  • Henry Salvatori Prize in the American Founding
    2011—John Marini, Read more


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