Graduate - Gender, Race and Identity M.A.

The Gender, Race and Identity Studies M.A. provides students with a solid methodological and theoretical foundation on which they can build a more individualized program of study. Students select a mentor (chair) and a thesis committee to oversee the development of a thesis and an emphasis. All students are required to take a nine credit core of courses after which they may select an emphasis reflective of their interest. The Core Courses, all 700-level, will be taken during the first full year. With the approval of the committee the student will develop a 21 credit emphasis, in which 6 of the credits will be thesis credits. A total of 21 credits (including thesis credits) must be at the 700 level. Students will work closely with an advisor and a faculty committee selected from among faculty participating in this interdisciplinary program to fully develop their program of study. Candidates for the Master of Arts in Gender, Race and Identity must also satisfy the general requirements of the Graduate School. Applications for acceptance into the Gender, Race and Identity Program are to be sent to the Graduate School and must include a) a graduate admission application form, including fees; b) official college transcripts; c) a statement of purpose and goals, and d) three sealed letters of recommendation. Applications received by April 15 will be considered for the following Fall Semester.