Polyglot Village

Every other year the Department of Foreign Languages holds Polyglot Village. Polyglot Village is a collaboration between our department and the Washoe County School District. It is an outreach event for local high school and middle school foreign language students.

We create an indoor European village where the students are immersed in their language of study. The village includes shops such as a travel agency, pharmacy, bookstore, hotel, music store, and others. The students begin their journey by embarking on a virtual train ride through the European countryside. They disembark and go through customs. Once they have cleared customs they are free to stroll the avenues in the village. One rule is they cannot speak English while in the village. If they are caught speaking English they will be "arrested" and escorted to jail where they have to speak in their language of study to be "pardoned".

A multicultural lunch is offered for purchase and cultural entertainment is featured throughout the day.

2009 - click to view slideshow

Polyglot Village through the eyes of a volunteer... (click to read article)