The Knowledge Bowl

The Language Bowl and Language Expressions competition is an event co-hosted by UNR's Department of Foreign Languages & Literatures and the Washoe County School District's World Language Collaborative.  It is held during the alternate year when the Polyglot Village is not held.  The last time it was hosted was in 2009.  During the alternate year

The competition is between foreign language students at the high school and middle school grades. Each language is divided into levels; student teams from the same level compete against each other. The Language Expressions component consists of students reciting poetry, performing skits and various other performances.

The students walk away with trophies, certificates and big smiles!

This event also utilizes volunteers. Volunteer positions include time keepers, scorekeepers, organizers, and coordinators. The judges are UNR professors and Washoe County School District teachers.


2007 - click to view slideshow