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FLL Faculty after a 2-day ACTFL Modified Oral Proficiency Interview training with Mildred Rivera-Martinez.  (April 2013)

From Left to Right:  Dr. Beatriz Robinson, Dr. Isabelle Favre, Mr. Darren Griswold, Dr. Miriella Melara, Dr. Mar Inestrillas, Ms. Anna Kalminskaia (back), Ms. Yoshie Kakowaki (front), Dr. Mildren Rivera-Martinez, Ms. Yuka Matsuhashi (front), Dr. Darrell Lockhart, Ms. Lynni Weibezahl, Dr. George Thomas, Dr. Casilde Isabelli. 

(Spring 2015)


2015 Continuing Lecturer of Chinese Search Committee

Isabelli, Chair
Lockhart, member
Pu, member
Wiebezahl, member

2015 Continuing Lecturer of Japanese Search Committee
Isabelli, Chair
Lockhart, member
Inestrillas, member
Leaños, member
Kalminskaia, member

2014 Assistant Professor of Spanish Literature Search Committee
Pérez, Chair 
Curcio, Member 
Sepúlveda, Member
Thomas, Member 
Isabelli, Ex-Officio 

2014 Continuing Lecturer of French Search Committee
Marvick, Chair 
Rojas, Member 
Melara, Member 
Wiebezahl, Member 
Wilson, Member

Isabelli, Ex-Officio

2014 Spanish Scheduling Committee
Isabelli, Chair 
Leaños, Member 
Pérez, Member 
Rojas, Advisory

2015 Summer Session Committee
Isabelli, Chair 
Marvick, Member 
Rojas, Member 
Leonard, Member 
Wiebezahl, Member 

Graduate Studies Committee
Pérez, Chair 
Inestrillas, Member 
Thomas, Member 

Bylaws Committee
De Ràfols, Chair 
Leaños, Member 
Melara, Member 
Griswold, Member 
Barker, Member

Isabelli, Ex-Officio

Annual Evaluation Committee (Tenure Faculty) 2015
Raymond, Chair

Annual Evaluation Committee (Non Tenure Faculty) 2015
Raymond, Chair


KUNR, 05/13/2015: University's Emma Sepúlveda Pulvirenti honored nationally and locally

Nevada Today, 04/30/2015: Sigma Delta Pi ceremony slated for May 6

UNR Newsroom, 12/05/2014: University professor appointed to scholarship board by President Obama

The White House, 11/25/2014: President Obama announces more key administration posts

Nevada Today, 9/18/2014: Arabic program continues to grow at the University

Nevada Today, 7/19/2014: University professor wins International Latino Book Award for a second time

Nevada Today. 5/23/2014: University honors its best at 'Honor the Best'

Nevada Today, 4/15/2014: An inspiring story of perseverance, accomplishment

Nevada Today, 10/31/2013: International teachers offer broad experience and insight

Nevada Today, 5/17/2013: Justin Lopez named University of Nevada, Reno’s 2013 Herz Gold Medalist

Nevada Today, 5/1/2013: Installation ceremony for Sigma Delta Pi set for May 8

Nevada Today, 12/18/2012: National Hispanic Studies Honor Society members honored

Nevada Today, 9/24/2012: International teachers attend University of Nevada, Reno for in-class training

Nevada Today, 8/29/2012: U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to visit Reno campus

Nevada Today, 7/9/2012: University professor receives international book award

Nevada Today, 4/12/2012: “Spanglish” expert and cultural critic to speak at University

Nevada Today, 10/6/2011: From darkness, a friendship blooms

Nevada Today, 2/19/2010:  Nevada Professor Sepulveda receives national award

Nevada Today, 10/12/2009: Sepulveda appointed to American Latino Commission

Nevada Today, 1/15/2009: Arabic classes offered on campus
Nevada Today, 9/30/2008: Taking Honors study to a national level

Nevada Today, 9/29/2008: October will be Sticky

Nevada Today, 5/27/2008: University honors wide range of achievement

Nevada Today, 1/23/2008:  Arabic language course offered for the first time

Nevada Today, 5/30/2007: University faculty members prepare to teach abroad

Nevada Today, 3/28/2007: Polyglot Village offers students a multicultural experience