Foreign Languages
        and Literature

Updated 20/05/2002




1. Read Graduate Program. Contact French or Spanish graduate advisor. Obtain A-E/Program of Study form and reading list. For the Spanish reading list, click here.

1. Upon admission to the program.

2. Form your A-E committee.

2. As soon as possible, but always before the end of the semester in which you complete 9 graduate credits or before the end of the second semester of study, whichever is last (or risk suspension from the program).

3. Deliver copies of the A-E/Program of Study form, signed by its members, to your graduate advisor, the A-E committee chair, and the department secretary; keep the original (see # 8, below).

3. Upon forming your A-E committee, as soon as all of its members have signed the form.

4. Elect to pursue Plan A or B. If you choose Plan A, check with the graduate school on thesis timetable and requirements.

4. Upon forming A-E committee; discuss Plan election with your graduate advisor and your committee chair.

5. Fulfill language requirement.

5. As soon as convenient, but no later than the end of the semester prior to the semester in which you plan to take the comprehensive examination.

6. Purchase an Application for Graduation form at the cashier's office, complete it, and deliver it to Admissions and Records. Keep a copy.

6. The semester prior to the semester in which you plan to graduate; please consult the university calendar in the General Catalog for important deadlines.

7. Enroll in comprehensive examination course (FLL 795). (FLL 795 credits do not count toward fulfilling the MA degree requirements.)

7. For the semester in which you plan to take the MA exams and plan to graduate.

8. Deliver to your A-E committee chair the original completed A-E/Program of Study form, listing all courses taken and any you will be enrolled in during your final semester. Deliver copies to the graduate advisor and the department secretary. Keep a copy.

8. Within the first week of the semester in which you plan to take the comprehensive examination.

9. Consult with your A-E committee chair about setting a date for the written comprehensive examination.

9. In the first two weeks of the semester in which you plan to take the written comprehensive examination.

10. If Plan B: select a literary work for the oral presentation (to be given during the final oral examination) and consult with A-E committee chair for approval of the work.

10. Two weeks before the date of the written comprehensive examination.

11. If Plan B: Provide all of your A-E committee members with a copy of the approved literary work.

11. At least one week before the date of the final oral examination.

12. Obtain a Master's Degree Notice of Completion form from the graduate school and present it to your A-E committee chair.

12. Obtain the form any time before your comprehensive examination and present it upon completion of the written comprehensive and final oral examinations.

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