Foreign Languages
        and Literature

Plan B (non-thesis)

If no minor is included, this program of study requires the satisfactory completion of 32 credits of acceptable graduate courses, as well as satisfactorily completing the language requirement and the comprehensive written and final oral examinations. At least 23 of the 32 credits must be earned in on-campus courses at this university. At least 15 of the 32 credits must be at the 700 level.

If a minor is included, at least 15 of the 32 graduate credits must be in the major field of study, with at least 8 credits in the minor field.

Students may elect to pursue two MA programs. These students must be formally admitted to both programs. Two separate A-E committees with different chairs are required, with no more than one graduate faculty member belonging to both committees. A maximum of 9 graduate credits earned in one MA program may be applied toward the second MA degree.