Financial Support

The program welcomes applications for Graduate Teaching Assistantships (TAships), which offer a value of over $22,487 per year (stipends of $14,000, out-of-state tuition is waived, and a reduction to $63.29 per credit for registration fees). Applications are accepted year-round, but applicants must have all materials on file in the department by April 15 to ensure full consideration for the Fall and Spring semesters, and by December 15 to ensure full consideration for the following Spring and Fall semesters.

To apply, see the Graduate Teaching Assistant position announcement (Appendix 2). Applicants who are not awarded a graduate assistantship may reapply the following semester by writing a letter to the graduate director requesting that their application be kept active for the year then in question. Reappointments for a second year are usually made for students who request it in writing before the deadline and who maintain high academic standards and good teaching performance. Students may hold graduate assistantships for a maximum of three years while pursuing coursework leading to the MA degree, but students are advised that reappointments for a third year, which must be requested in writing before the deadline, are rarely awarded.

All graduate students are encouraged to apply to the Graduate Student Association (GSA) for travel grants to attend national and international conferences, as well as for various competitive grants, awards, and scholarships. Computer loans, child care scholarships, and health care emergency scholarships are also available through the GSA. The UNR Financial Aid Guide and other useful information is available at the Student Financial Services office.